India's favourite card games, Rummy is played by many across the country with great amount of excitement and funfair. Gone are the days when one would gather friends and peers in their houses for cash rummy as technology is much more advanced nowadays.

With online rummy cash game paving way, many folks have now turned to playing their favourite online rummy cash games with a chance to earn real cash. Cash Rummy is basically played with 2-6 players at the helm. They can choose and discard the cards once their turn is up in clockwise manner.

Players can pick a card from an open deck or a closed one & then discard one to the open deck. Once you have mustered the rules about Rummy, you can play online rummy cash games on different rummy app.

Which Rummy Cash Games You can Explore?

Real cash rummy is a game where a player has to create any sort of melds that consists of sets, three or four of the same rank, runs, threes or more cards of the same sequence, consisting of the same suit.

Online Rummy cash games are most popular especially amongst the Indian folks who like to play at social gatherings, outings, events etc. This is because they provide the ideal entertainment as well as create a bond amongst the players.

Moreover, it's a chance to win real money too and if you win, take pride amongst your peers. Rummy has been proven as a game of skill and thus it's been termed legal even by the Honourable Supreme Court of India. So many people play online rummy cash games in India due to this.

However, before you dive into the world of rummy games, it's better to understand their rules and regulations. If you are pro or high-skilled player, you have a great chance of winning huge cash. But if you are still a learner, then it's better to try your hand at practice tournaments.

With many real cash rummy app available on the market, you can also try to play the game.

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Real money gaming is a trend in India. Poker variants such as the texas hold’em poker and Omaha poker are widely played to win real money gaming.

Do you know that poker is a game of skills? The more you play poker, the better you get at the game. All you need to join an online poker tournament is a smartphone and internet connection.

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Here are the following variants available different Rummy App

1. Pool Rummy

Many rummy app gives you a chance to play this variant of rummy, Pool Rummy. In this rummy variant, you have 13 cards on the table & players must play a fixed amount of entry fee that in turn forms your prize pool.

A player gets knocked out once his/her score reaches the maximum limit of the points displaying on the table i.e., 101 points or 201 points.

Pool rummy is further split in two variants - 101 Pool and 201 Pool Rummy. When you play 101 pool cash rummy, you get eliminated if your total reaches maximum score points of 101.

In 201 pool cash rummy, player gets knocked out once he or she reaches maximum score points of 201.

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2. Points Rummy

Points Rummy is another variant of Rummy that introduces you to 13 cards of rummy wherein players play for points that are pre-decided rupee value. The first player to win make valid declaration, wins the game.

He/she has 0 points & wins the cash pool based on his/her opponents' tally of points. Points rummy is known to be one of the most popular and quickest variants of new rummy cash games.

3. Deals Rummy

Another variant in the popular rummy game folklore, Deals Rummy consists of 2-6 players and usually very tactical online rummy cash game. Deals cash rummy is based on pre-defined number of deals & each player gets an allocated number of chips at the start of the game.

The one who holds the highest number of chops at the end of the game, is declared the winner.

Benefits of Playing Rummy Cash Game

People get used to playing cash rummy games just for the sake of winning cash vouchers or gift prizes that might be useful or not. However, that's not the case with rummy.

By playing rummy games, you get associated with many benefits and advantages. We list down some of the major benefits that come with playing rummy card games -

  • You get to go head-to-head with some of the top rummy players across India.

  • By playing more of rummy, you challenge yourself to win even more!

  • Get some of the best cashback offers on playing real cash rummy games.

  • Beat the likes of anxiety, stress, and other demotivating factors.

  • Add real money besides your usual work earnings.

  • Grows in confidence & also improves your memory level with cash rummy games.

  • Referring your friends earns you more!

  • A thrilling and fun way to earn some real money.

  • You do not need to wait for your winnings as you can withdraw them instantly.

  • Improve your rummy skills & paves way for you to become a pro!

What is Rummy Cash Tournament?

Rummy tournaments offer a great deal of entertainment & some good deal on cash prizes. At Rummy App, you get to play cash rummy tournaments on special occasions. Just download rummy online cash game app & get yourself immersed in the best cash tournaments.

1. Cash rummy tournaments:

When you join a cash tournament, you are to pay an entry fee as low as ₹2. All you have to do is pick the tournament & then click on 'join tournament'. Once you are in, go head-to-head against some of the best cash rummy players & stand a chance to win some amazing cash rewards.

2. Free rummy tournaments:

Apart from the cash tournaments, you can also try in the free tournament. Here, you do not have to pay an entry fee but a chance to improve your rummy skill. Once you have mastered the skills, you are all set to go against some of the top-level rummy players.

Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Cash Games

Ever wondered how one can win and conquer a rummy table? Do you know any particular trick or tip that can win you BIG in a rummy game? Before going into detail, it is important to learn some tips and tricks if you are to win great cash rewards.

In offline rummy, it was very easy as the opponent was right opposite us but in online, we do not know who our opponent is and that’s why it becomes difficult to win. Thus, it’s important to follow certain tips and tricks if you are to go all the way in winning rummy games.

Following are the tips & tricks to win a cash rummy game especially if you are playing in an online rummy real cash tournament.

  • Make sure you form a pure sequence at the earliest. A declaration cannot be made once a pure sequence isn't formed.
  • Avoid drawing cards that belong to the discarded pile as that might give your competitor an added advantage & he/she might know the formation of your cards.
  • Try to play your cards smartly. For e.g., a 6 of any suit cards can be suitable with 4 & 5 of the same suit and with 7 & 8 of the same suit as well.
  • If you get into the game well, you should know when to replace the high point cards like Ace, Jack, Queen & King with the likes of Joker or Wild cards. This is because if you are losing the game, it will help reduce the load of points.
  • Before you are putting your cards up for declaration, do be mindful of rechecking them. An invalid declaration and you end up being the loser!
  • All in all, the best tips, or a trick that you can receive to become a pro in rummy card games is to download rummy app and keep practicing rummy games which will increase your skill level as well as make you a pro in playing cash games and win huge rewards!

How to start playing real cash rummy games?

Rummy games can be either practice or for real money. So, the question begs to offer is that how can one play these games to win real money? How can I play rummy for cash on an app?

The answer is very simple - Get the real rummy app download and then get yourself into the game! With so many options there in the market, it becomes difficult for one to choose the ideal rummy playing platform.

How Points are Calculated in Cash Rummy Game?

Whilst playing rummy games, points play a crucial factor in deciding the winner of a particular rummy game or a major tournament.

In rummy card games, each card carries some sort of value while points are calculated. When playing online rummy cash games, the points are calculated for the cards that are not melded together.

The point system in rummy game is vital. Prior playing on the rummy table, it is important to know the rules and regulations of it and that is why knowing the rummy point system is of utmost importance.

Below we list down the scoring system that works for rummy games when you play on any real cash rummy app

1. Card Points:

Cards that rank from 2 to 10 carry points that corresponds their rank. For e.g., 3 card will hold 3 points, 7 card - 7 points. However, face cards like Ace, King, Queen and Jack each carry 10 points. However, Joker card carries 0 points.

2. Winner Points:

The winner of the rummy games is the first who can meld their cards into sets & sequences. The winner of these rummy games receives 0 points in the game.

3. Dropper's point:

Players have the option of dropping out of the game completely. The first to do so before playing his/her hand, could be boosted by 20 points. If he/she drops in the middle of the game, they get 40 points.

4. Wrong declared points:

If he/she makes a wrong declaration during the real rummy game, they will receive the points of all the cards held by him/her. The maximum points received here are 80.

5. Maximum points:

In real rummy card game, a player can get maximum points of 80 despite the points associated with the cards he/she are holding.

Play Poker Games to Earn Money Consistently

If you want to earn money consistently, play poker games. Poker games are fun and skill based. If you put your time and effort into improving your poker skills, then you can win them more consistently.

You can download the Spartan Poker app on your mobile phone and join a cash game any time you want. To get started, play a freeroll on the Spartan Poker app now! 

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