Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world. In India, its popularity exploded especially with the introduction of the card game.

In earlier times, Rummy was a favourite pastime for people during festivals and kitty parties but now, there's no need for those social gatherings, because anyone can play their favourite card game anytime, anywhere.

With Rummy, comes the many variants associated with it. The most famous, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy & Deals Rummy. Pool Rummy is one of the most exciting variants out there & is thought to be a combination of Points & Deals Rummy.

When you play the Pool rummy card game, this variant’s card players must make certain that they join in with a predetermined amount, which is then publicized to be the prize pool. So, if you are familiar with pool rummy, the game's rules are pretty simple.

The player who sets out to achieve the main objective & obtains a low score, is declared the winner.

Pool rummy is further divided in two - 101 Pool and 201 Pool.

So, when people opt for the ultimate option to play this variant of rummy card game, they're practically mystified. Either people don't know the rules of the game or they like both variants. The question remains - which is the IDEAL pick for you?

Below we list out some of details as to which one is the best pool variant - 

What’s the distinguishing factor between 101 Pool & 201 Pool Rummy?

Deals Played

In pool rummy, one does not have a fixed number of deals as compared to Points & Deal. In 101 Rummy, a player will get removed if he/she reaches a score of 101 & in 201 Pool Rummy, a player will lose the game, if they reach a score of 201.

Also, if you lose the preceding deal, you can make a comeback of sorts by adhering to some of the neat tricks and tips of Rummy.

Duration of this game

Pool Rummy’s duration is not a fixed affair. The number of rounds in the game might take time to complete and thus, it’s not completely fixed. So, if you are planning to play 101 & 201 Pool Rummy card game, be free as you might never know when the card game might get over.


In a rummy card game, drop means a player has chosen to quit the round as he/she aren’t confident of their cards that have been dealt. Here, there are 2 types of drops – first drop & middle drop. In first drop, the player decides to drop out at the exact beginning of the game.

In middle drop, the player can drop at any time in between the start till the end of the game.

Format First Drop Middle Drop
101 Pool 20 40
201 Pool 25 50

The maximum points for both the cases are 80.

Rules for re-joining Pool Rummy card game

Of the three Indian Rummy card variations, Pool Rummy is perhaps the only one that makes it easier for its players to re-enter the card game.

For example: if you have been knocked out of the game after reaching 101/201 pool table, you can re-enter the table by paying the buy-in sum.

But there’s a catch to it as you must carry a sufficient balance in your account/wallet to re-join the game. The rules for re-joining the pool variant will be different to both the formats.

You are eligible to re-join a game post elimination when the highest score of the ones is who aren’t knocked out is: 

  • In 101 pool: Fewer than or equal to 79 points
  • In 201 pool: Fewer than or equivalent to 174 points

So, which format is the ultimate one: 101 pool or 201 pool?

The answer remains a very individual one as some might like 101 & dislike 201 and vice versa. All that matters to pick the ideal option is your high-level rummy skills and plethora of experience.

If you are new to this variant, you better start working on the free table first provided by the application. 201 Rummy gives a lot of openings to cover on lost ground (deal) and also enhance your complete score.

But if you are looking to play on few rounds then 101 Rummy is the ideal fit.


The above article post marginally throws light on the 101/201 Pool Rummy & which one could be the best pick for you! At the end of the day, all depends on YOUR choice to pick the game.

If you feel the variant is right pick for you and you feel confident of playing it, then go ahead and start implying your rummy skills into it to win real cash!

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