Playing games has been the most used way of social interaction for ages. Games bridge up the gaps between people of all classes as Ludo was played in the king’s court as well as in the commoners’ houses.  

Apart from Ayurveda and yoga, India has given birth to multiple well-known and widely played games across the globe. Of course, the names of a few have changed and so are the rules and appearance but the essence remains untouched.

Some games date back to the pages of our rich history and mythological stories, and some developed over time and gained popularity in no time.

What remains unaltered about these games having passed on from generation to generation is the delight and gratification. With each passing round and people joining in, the fun of playing games gets more enthralling. Playing games help you serve your mundanity and monotony. 

Remember those days when we would wait for our aunts to come with their kids to our house so that we can play with them?  The much-awaited were the summer/winter breaks back then.

The preparations of our vacations included cleaning the carrom board, searching for its coins, looking for the ludo boards and its pawns, keeping in place the bat and ball, some pens, and rough notebooks for the scoreboard, and counting the cards in the deck. 

Some interesting games take on a nostalgic ride like Ludo, Carrom, Kho-Kho, Antakshari, Hide & Seek, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, UNO, and the list is never-ending. 

Games cater to people of all ages and are one of the most preferred ways of entertainment. Apart from entertainment, games have been a part of our rich culture and have been used to portray life lessons. Every game has an underlying story that makes it worthwhile learning.

They are based on people’s experiences from the past like the pachisi (ludo) game has its description in the pages of Mahabharata where Shakuni used one of the versions of this game Chaupar as a weapon to defeat Yudhishthira, his enemy.

These games hold cultural importance in our lives and make us feel close to our values and beliefs. 

Now in the 21st century with digitalization knocking on our doors and strong internet connections like 5G joining hands with it, everything, literally EVERYTHING is going digital.

From ordering groceries to buying luxurious brands, ‘add to cart’ and ‘checkout’ is the new let’s go shopping. Isn’t digitalization blessing our lives to the utmost extent? Games have made their way to digital platforms too because why not? 

Playing games is now becoming a cakewalk. No taking care of the boards, cards, and the other pieces of equipment. It is easier than ever before. You can now carry games in your pockets and play them whenever and wherever you want. 

Games are one of the ways that have helped us to come out of the lockdowns sanely. The house arrest wasn’t easy for anyone but what kept us hooked was the digital platform.

The e-gaming applications have been a divine sanction for all of us and have made it to our hearts and phones in a jiffy.

Traditional games are closely related to us and have made their way to online gaming platforms along with some fascinating games that are developed over these years.

The notion that is prevailing about the usage of screens like TV screens, mobile, and computers is that it’s bad for health. But what is inappropriate is this mindset and not the screens.

Let’s take a ride through the benefits of online gaming. 

1. Strengthen problem-solving abilities

There are numerous challenges that come your way while playing online games in the form of missions, contests, and tournaments.

These challenges require you to make the most of your brain and develop a competitive spirit within you to win the game. These in return enable you to think widely and out of the box which helps you to strengthen your problem-solving skills.

2. Managing a child’s emotions

It is not possible for your kids to go out every time and play with their friends because of which they might become aggressive and stubborn. Playing online games will help benefit their mind and manage their emotions.

3. Social skills

While playing games online, you are unaware of your opponent initially but as you play, you get to know the player playing opposite to you. This empowers you to make friends and widen your social circle.

Apart from making friends, playing online also makes you understand the power of team play. You learn the art of teamwork and handling competition. Making new friends may not only help you to socialize but also learn from their gameplay and moves. 

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4. Bonuses and presents

Offline gaming brings you various bonuses and presents on daily basis because who doesn’t like free cash? You can win cash and other rewards by claiming your bonuses. These presents are in the form of a welcome bonus, VIP member bonus, membership bonus, etc. These bonuses motivate you to play more and win more.

5. Multi-gaming tables

In online gaming, you can play on multi-tables which you can not in offline gaming. You have to stick to your own table/game when you play live games.

Online gaming tests your multi-functioning side and enables you to play on various tables simultaneously. This way you get a chance to test your cross-functioning skills. And of course, you learn and earn more in this process.

6. Improvement in thinking skills

These games require you to pay attention to each and every detail and move of your opponent. They also call for quick decisions and strategies.

In the process of strategizing, making your own decisions, and being attentive throughout the game, you start exercising your mind. These are great exercises for your brain. There are so many things in your mind while you are playing, but still, you manage them all together. That’s how playing games online benefits you to improve your thinking skills. 

7. Way to earn money

You can earn money by playing your favorite games. Gaming is not only about entertainment anymore it is a skill and you can play skill games for money. You can now earn by participating in the tournaments and contests on the online money earning games app or platform.

There are free sessions too that you can play for your practice which won’t give you any money, but the special contests are a treat for your pockets.

This money can be a good source of income or pocket money for you. Usually, the tables at most of the platforms start at Rupee 1 and can make you earn massive cash rewards. 

8. Enhances decision-making power-

Online gaming requires you to take decisions quickly keeping in mind your opponent. You can’t see your opponent which makes it a little tricky for you to judge their next move from their expressions and body language.

So, you have to take the decisions which will be the best for you. Playing online games improves your decision-making. Your decisions will be right and wrong both but those will be your learnings for the future.

So, you start making fast and sensible decisions for your game which helps you in your real life as well.

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