Spartan Poker’s 5 for 5 is the latest delight for poker fans

Last updated on : 01 Jan, 1970

Spartan Poker’s 5 for 5 is the latest delight for poker fans

Spartan Poker, India’s leading online gaming platform is known for consistently providing amazing gaming options and seamless gaming experience to poker aficionados in addition to luring them with luxurious giveaways and rewards via its various promotions. One of the biggest players in the industry, the company has today earned the reputation of being one of the most-trusted gaming portals for its loyal set of participants.

Offering one the chance to put their poker skills to the test, things are all set to heat up once again as ‘5 for 5’ tournament is all set to commence on the 24th of February, 2019 at 6.00 PM.

This one-of-a-kind poker tournament sees Spartan Poker raise the bar/stakes, where the top 5 winners will be rewarded with Rs. 5 Lakhs each. The buy-in for the tournament has been set to Rs. 5,500, and if you go on to win the 5 for 5 satty, you directly qualify/seal qualification for the tournament.

Under the terms and conditions, users shall only be allowed to use this option once and pairing it with other promo codes or deposits is not allowed

The event is open for all to come and try their gaming skills and win some lucrative prizes.

Growing in stature with every tournament, Spartan Poker recently concluded one of its biggest events - Spartan Super Series, which turned out to be a grand success. Some of the top winners at the event were Amit Ajwani, Salil Mahboobani, Varun Gupta, Archit Saraogi, etc.

If you have what it takes to challenge some of the seasoned poker players, or if you simply want to try your hand at the game, this is one opportunity you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. So put your skills to the test and login on the 24th for the biggest game of your life.



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Tanmaya inverted_comma

Spartan poker is one of the best platform where tournament buyins are convenient to your pocket with good prize structure. I have won multiple tournaments in spartan poker and would like to recommend it to all my friends


Deepak Bothra inverted_comma

Thanks Spartan Poker for promoting tournaments in India unlike any other website. Also the site has started unique promotions which competition had to follow without choice and ultimately created huge value for players.

Deepak Bothra

Samay Modi inverted_comma

Spartan Poker has been providing a platform that has changed the face of poker in India. From mind blowing promotions for new and existing players as well as the widest range of value tournaments, they have been successful in ensuring the best online poker experience.

Samay Modi


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