Prizes and rewards galore as IOPC continues

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Arguably the country's biggest and most glorious poker tournament - The India Online Poker Championship, hosted by Spartan Poker, continues to gathering immense appreciation in the world of Poker. The legendary event is widely known for showering winners with luxurious prizes that do not fail to impress even the most ardent poker aficionados in the country. On the 15th of January, 4 tournaments – IOPC 2 Lac GTD, IOPC 1.75 Lac GTD, IOPC 3 Lac GTD and IOPC Mega Stack 20 Lac GTD concluded on a successful note with winners being pampered some of the most lavish industry rewards by the poker giant.

In a showdown of the best poker skills, these tournaments witnessed some of the nail-biting endings among the leading participants. Geetanjali Kumar emerged as the winner of the IOPC 2 Lakh GTD winning INR 69,635, while IOPC 1.75 Lakh GTD winner Aryan took home INR 36,750; IOPC Mega Stack 20 Lac GTD winner, going by his user name, intuition stood tallest, grabbing — a whopping INR 3,33,641 and lastly, the IOPC 3 Lakh GTD winner was Harbinder Singh who won a sum of INR 82,560.

With the IOPC Jan 2019 prides itself on being the most spectacular series ever in terms of GTD and leaderboard prizes. The tournament results declared on 14th Jan created a frenzy/buzz in the poker circles when Narsimhan Badrinarayan took home INR 68,635 in the INR 3 Lakh GTD category.  It was a lucky day for Pranjal Gandhi, who took home with him INR 265,663 in the INR 12 Lakh GTD Mega Freeze Tournament.

As each day passes, the entire poker world stands awestruck witnessing the sheer scale and grandeur of the IOPC. If you haven't jumped onto the bandwagon yet, there's still five days left to go. This is your chance, your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn your fortunes around. So keep playing till then and #SkillIt.


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