Here's what goes in post flop poker play

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post flop poker play

We usually watch people concentrating more on their pre-flop. This is done because it helps in avoiding problems and to make better decisions. The pre-flop planners are the ones who usually win the game at large than the ones who don’t plan. Post-flop player, on the other hand, gets a lot of hands to play and wait for their strategy to work till the end.

Fundamentals of a post-flop expert

These players have to make sure they have their positions set during the game to strategize in a certain manner. The later you start acting upon your tricks, the larger the issues you’d have to deal with.

1.    It’s not all about aggression – It is a myth that the post-flop players who constantly win are most aggressive. That’s not true. To win a game, you need to have proper imagination and skills to read one’s mind. If you start right, chances are that you’ll plan the game right and play to win calmly, rather than showing unnecessary aggression.

2.    Folding post-flop is okay – if you see a lot of flops in your game, you’d end up losing everything at once. You need to know when the time to call it a game is. Also, some players consider folding as a feminine move and don’t prefer taking that step until they lose the game. Don’t stretch it. Fold when you feel you’re losing it.

3.    Avoid coin flips – Coin flips have the tendency to showcase how well you are at the game. Throwing in too many coins shows that you’re confident with your cards. It’s better to play the pot game to avoid getting attention and look like a novice.

4.    Pay attention to the stack sizes – When you’re in the middle of a game, be observant enough to understand the game of your opponent. He must’ve played his trick or probably planning to dump all his cards. Keep a check on their moves and plan your next step accordingly.

5.    The Float – This bit takes place when a player has missed the pre-flop. In such a scenario, the raiser keeps adding money and tries to hit their opponents with the same set of cards that they used for the initial bet. But now, this tactic has become so common that it’s the initial raiser himself who keeps raising, letting the other players go with the flow.

6.    The Post-flop play – there are 2 things you need to keep a check on to avoid losing.

a.    Avoid problems/unwanted hands – if you want your game to be the best one, avoid investing the pot with weak hands. These hands just look good in your hands and not when you place them on the table. Wait for the right time and call it off if you have those disgusting cards in hand.

b.    The dilemma of continuing Poker – this situation occurs when a player is not ready to give up on his hand and keeps giving in the money until you lose all of it. This happens because we overthink and rely on the cards we have in hand without thinking if they can actually be any use.

7.    Psychology is around you – the fear of losing and the confusion throughout the game about the rules and situations is constant. Every once in a while you’ll have to trick the opponent right so that it doesn’t leave the impression of you being a bad dealer.

8.    How emotions affect your play – there are times when you start believing in a player and behave as if they’re your buddies and they won’t ditch you at any point. The truth is, no one is your friend in the game of Poker. You’ll be highly mistaken if you feel they’d let the deal go when it’s their time to win. Hence, start out right and try to reduce the post-flop trauma for yourself.


Majorly the entire cash games is a psychological game. If you understand and start leading the play like a pro, you’d take the pot full of cash home.

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