Spartan Poker's IOPC 2019

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Spartan Poker's IOPC 2019 launches with the best schemes in the Poker industry

What sounds like a dream is to soon become a reality and the genie to make your all your wishes come true is none other than Spartan Poker. Delighting poker aficionados across the country, Spartan Poker is now the market leader as India’s leading online poker gaming platform. From its inception in 2014, the platform has grown to humongous heights, offering a vast variety of poker tournaments to amateur and avid players alike, across the country every month. It’s passionate and increasing fan base has led to the poker giant earning a reputation of being the most trustworthy online gaming portal among poker lovers.

With the IOPC (India Online Poker Championship) right around the corner, raking in the moolah and getting wealthy now seems like a piece of cake. A marquee and one-of-a-kind championship the IOPC is sure to attract unprecedented turnouts over the coming weeks. Poker enthusiasts are going to be richer by the minute with this championship that prides itself as being the biggest poker tournament to be held till date. And why wouldn’t it be, after all it has a whopping GTD of 8.5 CR to boast of!!! And that’s not all! Things can’t get any better when the biggest give away at the IOPC 2019 is a luxurious Skoda Octavia.

With the year being one where a player’s skill will be put to the ultimate test, there is simply no room for error. One such innovative and engaging campaign that’s built around poker prowess is #SkillIt. What’s #SkillIt you ask? Well, let’s just say this genie sure loves to shower its patrons with a lot of wishes. The idea of #SkillIt is from Spartan Poker universe, which is home to some amazing Poker galaxies. One such galaxy is Spartan Satellites or better known as Sattys. Sattys are a boon for players who are skilled and have an ace up their sleeve. If a player can’t afford a buy in at a table, Sattys are their go-to wish. Once the player registers for it, they can continue at a lower buy in. What better way to ensure that the game is always on?

Apart from these amazing wishes that the genie has already put forth, there is more that poker giant has to offer. But this one comes with a time line. Starting 1st of January until the 7th of January, Spartan Poker had introduced an Instant Bonus Plan. It calls out to all poker aficionados as the genie (TSP) gave out INR 50 lakh (all inclusive) as instant bonus. The function of the scheme is simple; all the players had to do was deposit a minimum amount using certain promo codes and they could avail bonuses up to 30%.

And the genie is not done yet; it’s no less than a Santa, having something for everyone!! This time around, the poker giant has Spartan Rewards Plus for its players. A program wherein the participant is required to play maximum hands to earn a certain amount of VIP points against which they can redeem up to a 40% cash back! The player needs to use an OPT-IN CODE, while depositing for any cash games to be eligible for cash backs. This goes hand in hand with #SkillIt as everyone is given a fair chance to win and take home something depending on their skills. Players can avail this offer from 1st January to 31st March.

With the genie granting you so many wishes, so what are you waiting for? Get going and get richer. Here’s your chance to avail every wish. Rush to Spartan Poker and play more to earn more.


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