Artificial Intelligence has always been a topic that has intrigued everyone. Over the recent years, engineered by few science-driven and tech-loving aristocratic individuals, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great advancements.

AI researchers prefer games not only because they offer complex, concrete, and exciting challenges, but also because they can use it as a platform to write algorithmic ideas and test how far they scale. This efficient way of testing can later be used to unlock broader applications.

Advances in AI lately have seen the computer programs ace and inevitably beat the best human players at a number of games including Chess and GO, but only very recently in the case of Poker; a game considered by numerous AI scientists to be one of the hardest for computer programs to beat humans at.

An Artificial Intelligence computer program called Liberatus created by Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science collected winnings almost nearing $800,000 against a group of expert poker players at a Man Vs. Machine duel organized at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

The main advantage of Liberatus is its ability to remain unpredictable in a way no human can be. Poker involves a lot of skills like bluffing and randomizing of actions to confuse the opponent, these were always considered to be skills limited to humans.

A predecessor to the Liberatus computer program lost in a comparable No-Limit Texas Holdem competition in 2015, driving a few of the expert poker players to think little of the bot's capacity.

However, with the Liberatus the equation wasn't the same. One of the experts was quoted saying, The bot gets better and better with each day. It's like a tougher version of us. Every time we find a weakness, it learns and adapts from us and the weakness vanishes the next day.?

In 2016, analysts at Google's DeepMind built up a framework that could beat champion Go player Lee Sedol?a critical stride for Artificial Intelligence. Be that as it may, a triumph for Liberatus could be viewed as a much more noteworthy point of reference.  We humans may be referred to as the Kings and Queens but the Liberatus is coming to be known as the Ace, what do you think?