For a game that depends on your skill, Poker is surrounded by an enormous number of myths as well as facts that act as an antidote to the myths. Today, we bring you a handful of such myths and facts. Here we go:

The Cash Withdrawal Curse

Myth - As per the myth, as soon as you withdraw cash out of your online poker bankroll, you will receive bad luck and you will lose out on a fistful of money.

Fact - Online poker rooms are not concerned about you wanting to withdraw money from your account. They make no gain whatsoever if you end up losing money, so it makes absolutely no sense for them to try and rig the cards against you.

Online Poker is a Trap

Myth - One of the most common myths or notion is that online poker is rigged.

Fact - The simple fact is that 'No, online poker isn't rigged'

The Big Money

Myth - People mostly believe that they have to deposit a large amount of money in order to play poker online.

Fact - You can play poker games with just a pocket full of money. You don't need millions or even ten of thousand bucks to play in a poker game.


Myth - Another one of the most common myth is that it is insecure to use your credit card online.

Fact - With the world getting digitized, it is absolutely secure to use your credit card online since the trusted online poker sites have a secured payment getaway.

The Luck Factor

Myth - Poker is often termed as a game driven by sheer luck.

Fact - Poker is not a game about just sheer dumb luck, it is a combination of the draw and the skills you use to win.

Now that we are in the clear about the most common of poker myths and facts, can we invite you to play a game of poker on Spartan Poker