Here’s why you need to avoid these Four Poker Hands

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Poker Hands to Avoid: An Introduction

Of course, while playing poker online, we all aim to be dealt with the best cards possible. But considering the harsh nature of poker in which luck often turns out to be the deciding factor, the cards you are dealt with purely depend on chance. So, there are several ways in which you could be dealt with tough poker hands, and you may be confused as to which ones you must not be too keen on playing. Today, we look at four such poker hands to avoid that may not be as profitable as they may be enticing.

Big Cards and Small Kickers don’t go together

Some of the most popular poker players throughout the ages have termed Texas Hold’em to be a formula of the top pair combined with the top kicker. To put things into perspective, you must know that a majority of Texas Hold’em games swing in the direction of the one holding the big pair and having the ability to fight other kickers at the table. Your end motive will always be to win the pot after the showdown. There, you mustn’t be getting into pots that you do not have a chance to win.

Premium Hands Could Lead to Trouble

A trait of a champion poker player is the mindset to lay down a decisive hand when the situation demands it. Most amateur players and rookies refuse to let go of tempting hands even when the signs suggest otherwise. You must not allow a good-looking hand stop you from playing as per the prevailing circumstance because that is what poker is about. If you are playing a No-Limit version of Hold’em and your opposition comes in with massive raises while you have a top pair and top kicker, then it is better to drop it.

Pocket Pairs are not Guaranteed Winners

Most players mistakenly assume that holding pocket pairs guarantees them the win. They think as thought this is such a starting hand selection that will naturally fetch them the pot. Holding pocket jacks and pocket tens are great, but they are still just a pair of jacks and tens. If you at any situation at the table have four callers in a pot, then your JJ and TT immediately turn out to be worthless if at all any of the overcards fall. Some intelligent players tend to check-raise when they see aggression from pre-flop to the flop. However, when playing against newbies, these aren’t your worries.

Ace and Queen – The Bankroll Thieves

Players are generally okay with dropping an Ace and a Jack if they must but dropping an Ace, and a Queen is something that takes serious courage. However, this is the best thing you could do to prevent severe damage to your bankroll in a lot of situations. Believe it or not, this is a tough poker hand that needs to be played with caution. If not, you could find yourself in between a crushing betting round. This advice is not as about low-limit party games, but it is for the more serious ones where raising usually indicates strength.

And there you have it, folks! Four tough poker hands that you must know of and avoid at all costs if the situations demand it. Poker is a game that is heavily influenced by strategy. More often than not, it is about the times you do not make moves, than about when you do something. Needless to say, Spartan Poker is here to get you through many more such important pieces of information to get you prepared for your next round at the table. By downloading and registering the official Spartan Poker app, you place yourself in a position to win big bonuses and take part in lucrative poker tournaments. So, what are you waiting for? Join the world of poker on Spartan online.


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