Here’s how you win with the Best Full House

Some of the most complex situations in life come down to the simplest of choices. The deal with poker is a lot alike. You make the best poker hand; you win the pot. All the planning and strategizing comes down to conquering the turn and winning the showdown, and that is possible only by the player with the strongest poker hand at the time. While the straight flush and four of a kind might not always be at your disposal, you could always end up with the best full house available and take home the prize pool. This is a highly sought-after poker hand and, in most cases, wins the nuts. There is a 33.4% chance of making a full house when you flop a set.


Dissecting the Full House


The full house, or full boat as it is alternatively known as is a very formidable five-card poker hand. This poker hand combination ranks high in the charts with the ability to beat all other poker hand rankings underneath it, only being beaten by the four of a kind and the straight flush which also includes the royal flush. The full house is a hand made with three cards of the same rank, and two other cards of similar ranks. This means that the full house is basically a combination of a three of a kind along with a pair, and this explains its strength in terms of ranking so high.


Attaining a Full House


There are two ways in which a player can make a full house and those are either forming it through a pocket pair or through two unpaired cards. Even within that, there are a couple of ways using which you can make a full house using a pocket pair. If you possess a pair like 7-7, you can flop one on board like 5-5-7 or 6-6-6. The best possible full house you can have is the highest ranking in the three of a kind that you possess. In case of a clash, it is this ranking that is used to determine the winner. In the rare case that you and your opponent might have the same three cards, that is when the pair is used to decide the tie.


Full houses are rare, but not entirely uncommon. Games like Texas Hold’em heavily rely upon such poker hand rankings and to form them; you have to know them. By knowing the different poker hand rankings and understanding the composition it consists of, it will be easier for you to identify your situations clearer next time and make your moves without delay. To judiciously play at the table, you must first know your position and understand the hands you have that can be played.


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