Poker Leaks to Plumb: Common Leaks in Poker Game Play

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Introduction to the idea of leaks:

An amateur player usually becomes not so profitable when they play among a group of proficient players. They tend to become a threat to the group. They aren’t really bankable and become poker leaks. But even the most experienced players can have leak in their game. Leaks in poker games usually happen to even knowledgeable and disciplined gamblers in various severity. A few gamblers are not smart enough to restrict their betting activity. They repeatedly become negative wagers leading to certain losses. They make poor decisions in sports books or even slot machines. They make the silliest mistakes and decisions. These negative wagers are called “Poker leaks”.

Professional gamblers are usually aware of their leaks, but they actively plug them to themselves. They are well at tackling it. When these professional players lose money, they call it “leaks in poker game”. Similarly, a payer can have leak in his game. The leaks in poker can happen due to a lack of discipline within a drill of a player. Leaks can also be a part of poor poker strategies a player uses. They tend to play hands that yield them negative returns.

Its obvious that you will not know everything about the game. There are always blind spots in the knowledge that you acquire by reading articles and watching videos of poker. Leaks in poker play can be due to subservient logic or missing pieces of the puzzle. They can be very well be categorized as knowledge deficiency.

As human beings, we all tend to make mistakes. Every person has glitches in his game. There are errors. The best way you do it is by:

  •  Being attentive and motivated.  
  • Discussing strategies and game logics with your players.
  • Be prepared to make adjustments
  • Discuss the game theory.

What are the most common leaks in poker play?

The question still remains. But let us first see the leaks and then move to how we can fix them.

  • Making it too foreseeable:

Whimpering, grumbling, vexed. All of these expressions on you would be pretty predictable. There are times when opponents ask for the other players to call and then scum their hands. Don’t make your facial expression too predictable. The main reason for leaks in poker play.

  • The symbolism of a “Folded dollar bill”:

This means if you do not fold enough, you are bound to lose money. This is mainly called the first natural leak. You tend to not fold enough because you want to be a part of the game and the table. Online poker is definitely for fun, but it also requires one to follow the rules and ethics of the game.

  • Playing too rickety:

The potential bank that you hold might be lost if you make a mistake of playing too lose. Usually, players who play too many hands have these traits. These are usually recreational players who enjoy poker instead of folding soon. Experienced players are more bound to outplay their fellow mates on post-flop despite having a weak range. The thing with playing loses is that you will often lose at showdowns. Playing rickety will cause leaks in poker play.

  • Playing solidly:

Playing tight will make you very easy to play against your opponent. You tend to get more marginal spots that would turn out profitable.

  • Stick around to your old strategies:

The actions of your past and failing strategies need to be noted well. Don’t let that influence you to play another wrong hand. Don’t cause leaks in poker play yourself. Make sure your bet size is on the equilibrium with the hand that you have.

How to fix your poker leaks in poker game?

  • Keep in mind that you can’t always win.
  • Make sure you continue betting well.
  • Judge your opponent’s range.
  • Replay every hand you lost in the past because of silly mistakes.
  • Fold your hand only if required and not under pressure.

Who doesn’t love reading fun facts about poker in general?

  • Poker is a thousand years old.
  • It was initially played with 20 cards only.
  • Poker has a world series.
  • 300 million plus combinations of poker hands exist in a 7card poker.
  • Royal flush has much higher of a probability.

Final thoughts:

Poker is an interactive and a very competitive event. A correct strategy and a few adjustments can literally change your game. Make sure that your game is not a static entity but very organic. Make sure you don not cause leaks in poker play. Real poker is not about constant flopping elephants and sick readers of the game. It’s all about being positive and exploiting the monster in the room. You can eradicate your poker leaks from your game by being more disciplined about it. A lot of practice will fix the issue. If you see yourself making such errors constantly, patch them up with Spartan Poker to fix your poker leaks. I bet, it will improve your discipline, and fill in your deficiency of poker leaks.


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