The poker playing styles of Poker stars!

Poker is a game of artists. It is a challenging game of analysis and mathematics. You know when you began, you were a beginner, and didn’t know the nitty-gritties of the game until you became a pro. With today’s changing modern poker trends and environment, the game has evolved almost way beyond the reality of casinos. The poker playing styles differ from person to person.

 It has progressed technologically, and with the growing trend of virtual reality and augmentation, it has reached every hand. With progress, poker has become one of the most played games online. Poker platforms are a legit thing. A thread of unsalvageable tactics preserves the game and gets the set of players so invested that one is bound to practice the poker playing styles in every way possible. Poker is a game based on pre-calculations and pre-assumptions.

Online poker is typically played in a cool and strategical way which complies the game statistics and the win rate. Online poker does have the breakeven equity, which can be calculated easily and can be tracked in our conceivable scenario. Poker is not maths. It gives you the freedom to play tournaments on a daily basis. Poker is the game that tests your observation and inspection skills. You need to have your poker playing styles practiced.

 Just like in a competitive sport, every player plays poker as if it is a competition. Every player has his poker playing styles he practices in every match. Don’t you think it actually is? Who doesn’t want to win big bucks? Every player has his own style and a game plan to ace the art of poker.

 Some players on the table can be intimidating. It is you who has to figure out the monster in the room. But how? Is it possible to find one on online poker platform? Is there a blue plan? Is there any particular poker playing styles these players use? Can you make wild guesses?

 There is a peculiar behaviour of the players that you need to study while you are on the table. It is literally a skill a person possesses to recognize the category your opponent falls into.

There are a few basic characteristics which are peculiar amongst the players on the table. It obviously differs from person to person. But the basic ones are enlisted below:

  • A player who plays on even weak cards
  •  A continuous bettor no matter what
  • A pro player at poker
  • A bluff master
  •  An early folder
  • A crazy aggressive

 You have more chances to win against the weaker players. You can target them! You need a proper profile scan of players. Weaker players easily give away their chips for free because of inexperience. It is easier to make money against weak players. It is like a cake walk. But don’t take advantage of these poor souls! You need to peek well and be observant.

 Every player has a particular tendency which he might use to play his cards. But the most prominent ones in terms of aggression are merely divided into loose and tight aggressive. Tight players play fewer hands and consider their stacks. They also end up winning big time. It is because they are experienced. Whereas, loose players play multiple hands. These tight and loose players are further split up into aggressive and passive. To recognize their characteristics, you need to keep a few points in your mind. These basic characteristics are encapsulated within every character. You have to just guess the elephant in the room.

Loose Passive

  • They are called the “Calling station”.
  • The play multiple number of hands.
  • The call most of the time.
  • They stay involved within every hand played.
  • The have minimal share of winnings within the game. Tight passive
  • They are called “The Rock”.
  • They play only premium hands.
  • They take their own sweet time to decide their bet.
  • They rarely bet/raise. Safe players!
  • They avoid confrontations.
  • Low share of winnings.

Loose aggressive

  • They are called the LAG’s.
  • They bet rashly and aggressively.
  • They rarely call.
  • Big time risk takers.
  • Super unpredictable players.
  • They can bluff easily.
  • Average share of winnings. Tight aggressive
  • They are called the TAG’s.
  • They are selective in nature and safe players. They fold 80% of their hands.
  • Rarely call or bet heavily.
  • Better fold if you are weaker.
  • They play a few hands.
  • High share of marginal winnings.

Every player has different poker styles that he adopts. Every style has its pros and cons. Different poker styles differ from person to person. He either takes his game up passively or aggressively. It all differs from the cards you hold in hand too.

1. The loose passive player (The Calling Station):


  •  All aggressive players are seated on the same table and therefore it is balanced betting.
  •  This strategy can gain more profit if the players have effective stacks which are larger and hold higher implied odds.


  • You do not gain maximum profit from your strong hands.
  •  Lose passive players play weak hands and constantly risk and therefore do not win big.


  •  You should only bet provided you have good hands.
  •  Don’t try to bluff.
  •  Try to make higher profits from the pre-flop raises.

2. A tight passive (The Rock)


  • The losses are reduced due to the limitation of good starting poker hands.
  • If the table is full of aggressive players, it becomes a good balance.
  • The betting and bluffing is taken care of.


  •  Such players do not get maximum profit from good hands due to this pattern of playing. They usually fold if the opponents are given a chance to draw him out of the board.


  • Play the very best starting hands only if these players raise pre-flop.
  •  You should prefer checking than giving up the chips for free.

3. Lose aggressive (The LAG)


  •  They play different starting hands and it therefore becomes difficult to have a judgement over such players.
  •  Sometimes the image they make would seem like they are bluffing. But it works in advantage for them.
  •  They can bet aggressively and make the other players fold.


  •  Such players need to be confident about their hands and when to fold, otherwise they might end up losing a lot of money.


  •  You can play more hands against such players if you are experienced.
  •  You can bet higher on your strong hand in order to isolate such players.
  •  You can check to figure out such player’s position on you.

4. Tight aggressive (The TAG)


  •  They usually play hard on their premium hands.
  •  They safe bet and that makes it easier for the opponents to stay in the game.
  •  They usually simplify the game by folding if they feel their hand is not worth.


  •  They become pretty readable and opponents can quickly recognise them.
  •  There is a risk to lose your stack in front of such players if they have strong hands.


  •  Blind stealing is not really possible but you can at least try if you are sitting in late position.
  •  You should fold when a TAG bets on a pre-flop.
  •  They usually make continuation bets regardless of what hits the flop.
  •  These players are the most profitable ones.

One of my most favourite poker style!

 Every poker playing styles has its own winning rates, and we naturally tend to wonder of which one is actually the best? TAG is the most perfect balance of profits and skill using on table. Although loose aggressive is a potential way to produce a higher amount of win rate. There is an inclination on the learning curve. On the other hand, rock style involves lesser skills and also less profitable.

 None of these poker playing styles are theoretically studied. It is your judgement and your vigilance that helps you identify the elephant in the room. Make sure you choose the right poker playing styles to play the game. It has to depend on your win rate and the possibilities of positive outcomes. Make sure you are aware of the insanity of the game and the table. The players you are surrounded by is when you choose to become the type of poker player. Make sure you work on it depending on the stacks and the capability you hold on the table. Bet wisely.

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