Texas Hold’em position: Seating position earning you big bucks!

 If you watch a lot of poker videos online or watch a lot of videos based on training, you will probably notice how much table position while you play Texas Hold’em poker online matters. In order or arrangement in a game of poker, it is important for a player to choose his position. It maximizes the strength of his success.

 You must’ve heard a player telling you that he has his “position” on you. This means that they are seated to your left and will always act or bet after you have played for your hand. Poker is an interesting game, whether you play online poker or offline. You can optimally utilize your strategic table position and be receptive to the changes that occur on the table.

How does a table position work?

 After settling down on the poker table, you need to be vigilant and keep an eye on the small white disk that indicates who the card dealer is. Betting starts with a fixed amount and from the person sitting to the left of the dealer. It moves clockwise around the table. Each player bets according to the hand he has. This idea relates to playing strong hands initially and good hands while midway. The various positions in poker matter a lot in Texas Hold’em is because the positions work as an advantage for the player.

Table position in Texas Hold’em. How does it matter?

 Your positioning on the table is extremely useful for you to act after your opponents. If you are the last one to act on a hand, you can figure out if your opponents would check or bet.

Say, for example, you are up against an opponent on the flop and you do not have a stronger hand. If your fellow mate checks, you definitely have a good chance to run a successful bluff. This is because you can figure out from their check that they are not very strong but are trying to bet you out. This is a very basic example, but the theory can be applied in various situations while you play Texas Hold’em poker online.

What does the table position in Texas Hold’em poker look like?

 When you play Texas Hold’em poker online, your position on the table determines your action. Your decision to bet on a hand should be fathomed depending on your seating position on the table and how close you are to the dealer button. The strategy to play a game differs from a position to position. The dealer button changes the position clockwise after every hand in case of Texas Hold’em. The dealer’s plays an important role of deciding whether which player is going to be actually seated in which position. Following are the positions:

Early position (EP)

  •  If you are seated to the left of the dealer button, you are in an early position.
  •  You will be the one starting the action in the betting rounds.
  •  Since you are seated in the early position, you need to pot a small blind and if you are seated next to the person playing the small blind, you need to play big blind.
  • The “under the gun” position is given to the player after the big blind.
  •  Early position is considered to be the least favorable position on the table.
  •  You are trapped because you are unable to have an idea of what your opponents hand strength is.
  •  You should only play from this position if you have strong hands.

How does early Texas Hold’em position matter?

  •  The size of the table overall determines the earlier position.
  •  It is the toughest to play when you are unaware of the strategies that the remaining participants would play against the cards.
  •  The advantage is that if you have a stronger hand, you can bet high and make the rest of the players a little unsure about their cards.

Middle position (MP)

  • If you are seated to the left of the early position player, you are said to be seated in the middle position.
  •  It is hands down better than early position players.
  •  If the early position player happens to fold, the middle position player is considered to be the early position player by default.
  • If the late position player folds, the middle position players can take the late position players place.
  • To win a better hand, you can use the strategy of playing aggressively. That is only respective to the fact that you have premium hands. This way you can make the rest of the players fold their hands.

How does middle Texas Hold’em position matter?

  •  Next to the early position player, is seated the middle position player.
  • You can enrich your repertoire by using this position tactically and strategically.
  •  You can bet a bigger amount and win by hijacking the other cards.

Late position (LP)

  • The last few players are considered to be players in the late position.
  • It is regarded as the best position to play on the table because you get a better judgement of your cards post the betting around.
  • You get better and much more valuable information about the others game from this position.
  • You can very well experiment the level of your skills and experience during this hand.

How does late Texas Hold’em position matter?

  • Undoubtedly the best table position in Texas Hold’em.
  • You become so acquainted with the moves of the remaining players that you can bet according to the choice you make.
  • You have the opportunity to raise, bet or fold without losing money.
  •  You can even take the pot home with an average hand.

Opposition break down for the table position in Texas Hold’em poker.

  • Early position – Under the gun

This is the early position of a player seated to the left of the dealer. This is a difficult seat to play on because there are a large number of players who will bet accordingly.

  • Middle position – Hijack

Hijack is the seat you can play more hands on. It is significantly more profitable than any other position on the table. And after any point of this table, individuals play differently.

  • Late position – Cut off

It is the second best seat in poker. It is advantageous to the player because the profitability percentage is 25 to 30%.

  •  Position of the button

The button is the most powerful seat to be considered while playing poker. You can play 50% or more on the starting hands.

Five reasons for why positioning in poker matters a lot.

  • Free card – There are times when you are playing drawing hands, you do not have to pay the price for the post flop street. Say, you decide to play connectors 6, 7, A on K, 8, 3 flop. The other players definitely have to act first if you are positioned in the late position. You can choose a free card if your opponent checks you on a draw.

  • Control freak – Being the last one on every post-flop street usually helps you to control the size of the pot. If you would like to play a bigger pot, you can raise. When you are out of this position, you cannot control the pot.

  • Bluff Master – Having the late position on your opponents is so much more valuable for you. You act last, you mostly win. Winning in terms of not losing your money or also judging the other hands. You can easily bluff so that other players fold.

  • Action – Your opponents’ action speaks louder when he bets louder. It becomes of a bigger advantage of having this late position in poker. You become more informed about the cards of your opponents or anyone trying to deceive you. When playing your position with stronger cards, your action of betting loud will work for you.

Few facts about poker! Just for fun!

  • A woman won a poker tournament by only looking at her cards once.

  • Jackpot originated from the pair of Jack’s in poker. It was from a form of poker in which the players betted large on the pairs of Jack’s.

Poker positioning is an advantage!

 The fact that the button moves from one person to the other, puts every person in a position he wishes to be in or not. The available positions should be the position that you use to turn your smaller stacks into wealthy stacks. Sometimes bluffing or deceiving your players and making use of your position helps you to win bigger. Your positioning on a poker table is the reason why the seating arrangement is important. It would be better if you do not have a strong or difficult player on your left. Why don’t you try Spartan Poker to practice your strategies based on your seating arrangements and positioning on the table while you play Texas Hold’em poker online in your next poker game.