Basic Strategy Concepts to Use at the Lojack Position

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Basic Strategy Concepts to Use at the Lojack Position

Poker Strategy: The Lojack - Basic Strategy concepts

Those who are new to poker rarely get familiar with poker table positions even when they are near to play a real game. They may seem very confused upon hearing terms like ‘hijack’, ‘lojack’, ‘button’ etc. This generally occurs because poker novices are so keened and focused on learning about the different game types, the poker hand rankings, the standard rules and simple strategies, that poker table positions are almost always ignored and eventually forgotten.

However, this is not a concept to be taken lightly since it is a significant part of the very essence of playing poker. Poker is a game of cards that has both luck and skill involved in it. It is played with cards at the table, for a prize in the pot. This being the premise, and the fact that the game is played in terms with detailed calculations and game plans, the position you hold and when you play has a lot to do with how well you fare.  

Poker Table Positions

One of the sophisticated aspects of playing poker is to know the positions at the table. Knowledge of this supremely elevates your game the next time you are at a particular position since you know how to act from there. Each position has its dynamics and psychology. Some are weak; some are strong; some can be easily exploited due to their vulnerability while others provide you with ample opportunities. Games like Texas Hold’em rely upon the hands you play and where you play them from. Experienced players always switch their tactics and adapt strategies based on which position they play from, and that is where you must strive to be. In theory, the poker table is divided into four types: 

  • Early Positions
  • Middle Positions
  • Late Positions
  • Blinds

When Would you have a Lojack Position?

Now, when you talk about the lojack position, or LJ poker position as it is commonly referred to as, then you are talking about a larger ring game because that is when these detailed positions come into the frame. As the number of participants keeps increasing, these four basic positions expand and include more players. Early positions include two players under the gun, the late position consists of the button, and the blinds almost always have two players at the big and small positions.

Situating the Lojack at the Table

Coming to the middle positions, in a nine-handed game, they could expand to incorporate three specific positions known as the hijack, the lojack and the cutoff. This position is placed to the direct right of the hijack. To put things into simple perspective, players at the lojack position must not expect much profits as it is a risky position to play from. In fact, in six-handed games, it is this position that is termed as under the gun because it is the first to act in the flop.

What to Expect from the Lojack Position?

Lojacks face full-fledged and strong open raising from the rest of the right because of where they are positioned. This also limits their chances to steal from the blinds. The best bet for surviving at this position is to open-raise. To benefit from the table, you must be closer to the end. Late positions like the button are the best to be at. Being in the middle only subjects you to the highest competition with minimal resorts.

As we have already said, knowing where you play at the table is vital for your chances to win the prize pool. By knowing about the lojack position, we hope you understand the deserted spot that it is, and so you work on knowing more about such aspects of the game to improve your skills and attain much knowledge. Spartan Poker has you covered for that since our official website and blogs have plenty more to offer for beginners. By signing-up on our app, you get all the latest updates and can participate in our highly profitable poker tournaments from the comfort of your homes. Join Spartan at the earliest and see for yourself which position fits you at the poker game.

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