History of High Rollers in Poker

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A History in High Rollers in Poker

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, poker has seen a substantial amount of popularity. It's existed for around two hundred years but can still be considered a younger game compared to some of the other card games. Poker has seen much more success than most other card games, though, be it newer or older than poker games. So, what is a high roller poker player? And how do you become one?

Well, essentially these are the people who want to pay out massive sums of money to play poker. They also get several advantages from casinos, including plane flights, five-star hotel accommodations, a way for the casino to say thank you for visiting their casino. High rollers are typically not only individuals who play with large amounts of money but also players who enter various casino sponsored tournaments as well as international high roller poker tournaments where, due to popularity, they can attract fans, thus the brand embassy, indirectly of course.

These types of tournaments are the highest buy-in tournaments offered by any casino or tournament series. You have no set buy-in or minimum buy-in.

The word "high roller" may also involve rich people who enjoy splashing around in games at high stakes. The high stakes games in Macau, for example, will feature a variety of extremely wealthy Chinese businessmen.

When you turn the clock of time back to look for the first high roller poker tournament that made headlines, you will most likely go back a decade to end up at the Aussie Millions that had a buy-in of USD 100k.

The series was put together to draw the game's best poker players, and it turned out to be a big success.

Since then, this pattern has been used by a variety of poker operators to run numerous high roller events that continue to be highly sought after, as high rollers are willing to fork out USD 4 or USD 5 million per year to play in any high roller tournament out there in exchange for a much larger paycheck.

Some of the most common high-stake events going around are Super High Roller Bowl, Big One for One Drop, Triton Super High Roller Series. The high roller phenomenon has definitely taken over the poker world-and for the following reasons it is unlikely to stop.

  • To be a legend in Poker tournament

One way to develop yourself in the past as a premier poker player was by winning a number of WSOP events or the WSOP Main Event. Poker players today can make a name for themselves by winning these tournaments and climbing up the poker rankings fast.

  • Huge prizes

With huge amounts up for grabs at high-stakes tournaments, poker pros cannot skip the chance to win millions in a short time – bigger buy-ins lead to more winnings.

The largest and most prestigious poker tournaments are now running satellite events to allow low-bankroll players to enter high-stakes games at more affordable and cheaper rates. If you are an ordinary Joe trying to hit the jackpot, it's a perfect chance for these activities.

With the twenty-first century watching several movies on the poker tournaments and the internet coming into play, the success of poker tournaments has been hitting the high notes. There is a large variety of the game today with hundreds of matches being organized and played around the world every day.

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