Basic Strategy Concepts to Use at the Cutoff Position

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Basic Strategy Concepts to Use at the Cutoff Position

In poker, one of the essential factors in claiming the pot is the position at which you play the game. As far as the psychology of the game goes, the position from which you play your hands is key to the behaviour you exhibit. The cutoff position is the one seated directly to the right of the button. The button, of course, is the most profitable position to play the game of cards from since it acts last in all betting rounds. The cutoff is the second-best position you can play from since the only person to act after you is the one on the button. This makes the cutoff a place worth fighting for, and you would definitely settle for it if you do not get placed at the dealer’s position (button). A cutoff in poker is often denoted as ‘CO’.

Nature of the Cutoff Position

No position can remotely match the profit factor of the button. This is because you get ample time to see what your opponents are doing before you react. Even then, the cutoff position is a close number two and will be of crucial help while playing games like Texas Hold’em. In fact, the cutoff seat player may often get to play last (at the position) if the one on the button does not compete for the pot. Cutoffs are always the only button to act before them. This only changes in the first round of betting wherein both, the small blind and the button players act before the cutoff position. In case the button decides to fold in the first round of betting, then in all the remaining rounds the cutoff obviously plays last.

Stealing from the Cutoff Position

The cutoff position in poker is part of a trio collectively known as ‘steal positions.’ These positions include the small blind, the button, and the cutoff seat for their abilities to steal at the table. Now, since the button is yet to play, the cutoff player cannot go all out on stealing. However, there are unique situations wherein the button may play tight. This could happen if the one on the button is not sure of his abilities; he’s an inexperienced player or only as part of his strategy to avoid his weaker hands. Whatever the case may be, if the button plays conservatively, then that provides the cutoff with a broader chance to execute stealing strategies.

You cannot decide where you wish to play from in a poker table. Regardless of the variation, it is purely by chance that you get placed at a specific position. This plays further into the luck + skill combination of poker. While it is by luck that you get a position, it is entirely upon your skill as to how you make the most of it. If you are a poker novice, it is important for you to know of the different positions and how to act in those. We hope that you now know how to deal at the cutoff position. You could download poker app and engage in tournaments where you can use these game plans. You could also go through our website to learn many more of such exciting aspects of the game to increase your poker level at the next table you play.


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