Hearts Card Game

Hearts Game

Hearts game is a four-player trick-taking card game with an "evasion" theme, however, most variations may accommodate three to six players.

There is no trump to play to, and the goal is to avoid tricks, particularly those in the suit of Hearts and the deadly Queen of Spades, sometimes known as 'Calamity Jane.' The game of Hearts has deep roots and a long history dating back to (at least) the 17th century in Europe. The game as we know it now began around 1850. The rules of hearts were basic back then, but they have evolved significantly over the last century or so.

How to Play Hearts Game Online?

Four players are dealt 13 cards from a conventional 52-card deck, one at a time.

Following the initial deal, each player chooses three cards and passes them facedown to their left-hand neighbour, who then replaces them with the three passed by their right-hand neighbour.

In the second deal, three cards are given to the right, in the third, they are passed to the player sitting across from you, and in the fourth, there is no passing and everyone must play with the cards that have been dealt.

After that, the four-deal cycle repeats again.

When one or more players reach 100 penalty points, the person with the lowest penalty score is declared the winner. Each deal has 26 penalty points, with one point awarded for each heart taken in a trick and thirteen points awarded for taking the queen of spades in a trick.

How to Play Hearts: Dealing

The players have been cut for a trade. Each player receives a card until he or she has a total of 13 cards in his or her hand. The lowest cut is dealt with initially. One card at a time, the entire pack is dealt out clockwise, face down.

Following the distribution of cards, each player selects three cards to pass to an opponent. After looking at their cards and before receiving cards from their opponents, players choose their cards. At the first deal, cards are passed to the right, to the left at the second, and across at the third. Players keep their own cards after the fourth deal.

Hearts Rules & Strategy

Hearts, which is truly one of the greatest card games ever devised for four players, each playing individually. Even though the game may seem difficult at first, it is an easy game to pick up, and an even easier game to play once you know the basic hearts card game rules and strategies. So keep reading for more information on the hearts card game rules and strategies to follow when playing this beloved game.

Hearts Game Rules:

  • Players count the number of hearts they've taken, as well as the queen of spades, if relevant, at the end of each hand. Each heart is worth one point, while the queen is worth thirteen.
  • Each heart equals 1 point.
  • The Queen= 13 points.
  • For each hand, the total of all points must be a multiple of 26.
  • Normally, the game is played to a score of 100 points (some play to 50).
  • Instead of losing 26 points when a player takes all 13 hearts and the queen of spades in one hand, that player scores zero and each of his opponent's scores an additional 26 points.

Hearts Card Game Strategy

When it comes to winning at hearts online, there are a variety of techniques and approaches. Every rule has an exception, therefore every tip you read here shouldn't rely on 100% of the time. Take "Always" and "Never" with a grain of salt whenever you see them below.

  1. Never Pass Spades in a Hearts Card Game: Try to keep as many Spades as you can when playing hearts card games online. If the Queen of Spades is handed to you, you will not only have a stronger defence, but you will also have the ability to bleed the Spades dry and compel an opponent to play the Queen if it isn't in your control.
  2. Don't pass the Ace of Hearts in a Hearts Card Game: It can either act as a deterrent to someone attempting to Shoot the Moon or as a desirable card if you are shooting yourself. Even if you don't have any more hearts or relevant cards in your hand, you should never let someone else take the initiative.
  3. Pass the 2 of Clubs in a Hearts Card Game: The player who is dealt that card is the one who will begin the game. The reason you don't want it to be you is that winning the first trick gives you a significant advantage.
  4. Never pass the Ace of Clubs in the Hearts Card Game: You can get a significant edge by winning the first trick. With the Ace of Clubs, you can lead the second trick and steer the game in the way that best suits your hand.
  5. Pass the Q of Spades to the Right in a Hearts Card Game: If you have the Q of Spades in your hand, pass it to the player on your right every time your passcards.
  6. Don't Pass Your Last Club in the Hearts Card Game: If you play off-suit on the first trick, the other players will know exactly what your plan is. They'll notice you've thrown away your clubs and adapt their game accordingly. For the first trick, you'll need at least one club.
  7. Pay Attention to What Others are Passing in the Hearts Card Game: If all three are of the same suit, he's most likely creating a void. If he's only passing you low cards, he might be attempting to go for the stars. Take note of this information and use it to your advantage.

Keeping Score in Hearts Card Game

Players sum up their tricks after all of the cards have been played. For each heart card a player has, they suffer a penalty point. The player who has the queen of spades at the end of the game receives 13 points. Here's a bonus: the player who gets the Jack of Diamonds gets ten points deducted from his total.

If a player wins all of the penalty cards (13 hearts and the Queen of Spades), he or she receives 0 points, while all opponents receive 26. Shooting the Moon is the name of this manoeuvre.

When any player gets 50 or 100 points, the player with the fewest points wins.

Hearts Game Variants

Just like every game that has existed for a long time,  the game of Hearts has been adapted too in order to fit the larger demographic. Here are a few variations of the hearts card game online that has evolved over time:

  1. Dragon hearts online.
  2. Dummy hearts online.
  3. Four Queens hearts card game.
  4. House Hearts for Two.
  5. Joker hearts card game.
  6. Reverse hearts card game.
  7. Super hearts game.
  8. Ten of Hearts 10 Points.
  9. Toss hearts game.
  10. Trump hearts game.
  11. Two Blind Bitches.
  12. Two-Player Hearts Game.
  13. Valentine Hearts Game.
  14. Wilson System.

Poker Vs Hearts

Hearts Game

Poker Game

Hearts card game has no monetary or betting schemes attached to it.

Poker is a casino game where stakes are raised and bets are placed in order to bump your opponent off the poker table and win the pot for yourself.

In the hearts card game, the player has to sum up their points at the end of the game. The person with the lowest score wins the game.

In poker, the player raises the pot by betting, and the player with the highest poker hand wins the game and takes the pot.

Hearts Card Game FAQs

What is the best free Hearts game?

Q.1) Hearts Deluxe and Hearts card games Online are some of the most famous Hearts card games that you can play. The most convenient way to play for a Microsoft user is to play hearts online or use the preinstalled hearts card game on their laptop or PC.  

Q.2) How do you play Hearts on the computer?

The game is played according to the normal Hearts rules. The player is asked for their name when the game initially loads, and then the game begins. Against the player, the computer employs all three hands. When at least one player has 100 points at the end of a hand, the game is over.

Q.3) Is Hearts a strategy game?

In Hearts, as in many other Whist-family games, one basic strategy is to void or short-suit a particular suit in their hand; that is, to have very few or no cards of that suit in their hand before play begins. Voiding can be accomplished by passing cards, playing the first few tricks, or a mixture of the two.