The gaming industry has boomed after the evolution of fantasy games. Predominantly pushed by affordable data and smartphones, fantasy games are successfully bagging the top position in the gaming world.

Gaming has been a part of people's lives for ages and continues to be the leading source of entertainment for people of all ages.

Being one of the best ways to socialize, people find playing games the best way to spend time with friends and family. Playing fantasy games is a stress buster game for people and adds to their productivity and creativity.

From the royal courts to the households, from the video game parlours to the smartphones, games have come a long way. The emergence of fantasy sports has made gaming a surreal experience for people. From just watching and adoring their favourite players on screens, people can now experience playing with/like them.

People can now utilize their knowledge and passion for their most loved sports and can put it to use to earn money. Fantasy game have given a unique twist to the gaming industry and have made gaming even more fun for people.

Fantasy games are a blessing for those whose dream of becoming a part of their favorite sports team couldn't come true.

What are Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games are virtual games played solo or in teams where players gather as proxies of the real-life players of a professional sport. The teams then have to compete based on the statistical performance of the players present in the actual game.

The players/teams compete to get points which are then converted into real money and can be withdrawn by the players.

The emergence of fantasy games

It has started in 1962 in New York with a Football fantasy league and made its place in no time. In contrast, Indian fantasy sports gained popularity in 2001 when ESPN Star Sports launched the 'Super Selector Fantasy Game'.

The emergence of Fantasy game in India had an overwhelming impact on people as now they can be real-time players and get a feel of their favourite sports.

Fantasy game is a skill-based online sports medley that enables people to have an experience of playing their most loved sports online with their friends and family sitting at different corners of the world.

It also empowers fans to make virtual teams with real-time players and brush up on their skills. The industry showed a significant heave in 2019-2021, and so have the revenues of the fantasy sports companies.

Benefits of Playing Online Fantasy Games

The benefits of playing online fantasy games are numerous. Some of the reasons are as follows-

You can play with your friends-

No matter wherever you and your friends are sitting, no distance can be a hurdle in your interaction with your friends. You can play fantasy games with your friends whenever you want and relish your friendship.

Improves decision-making ability

These games are a blessing for people of all ages. You start analysing and making your decisions quickly. These games help you train your mind to make valuable strategies that can significantly help you in real life.

A feeling of real in reel

These games give you a realistic sense. You feel like playing on the ground with your most loved sportspersons. More than that, you can earn your living by playing these games which adds to the realism of the fantasy games.

Creates a feeling of healthy competition

These games give you a competitive sense that can help you grow in real life. The reason helps you exercise your brain and learn from the other players.

Top Fantasy Games in India

1. Fantasy Cricket games

Cricket for us Indians is another name for love. Indian households carry love for cricket in oodles, and everybody dreams of being a cricketer once in a lifetime.

Fantasy cricket is a strategy-based online sport where players have to create a team of real-life cricketers who play in real global matches.The players aim to make their teams of 11 players and score better than their competitors.

2. Fantasy Football

Premier League, also known as Fantasy Premier League (FPL), is the organization that manages the giant Fantasy Football game.

The participants form their imaginary teams of real-life players and have to score points based on the actual statistical performance of those players on the field.

3. Fantasy Kabbadi

This is one of India's most played fantasy games. Like other fantasy games, the players must create their teams based on real-life players and accurate matches.

The teams earn points per the kabaddi game rules, and the team with the highest points wins.

Earn Real Money by Playing Fantasy Games

Fantasy games allow you to earn real money by winning tournaments and contests. Showcase your skills and talent and win a bomb for yourself.

Fantasy games enable you to make a living for yourself, which is a win-win situation for you, you get a chance to play your favourite games, and second that you can earn money by playing.

Are fantasy games legal in India?

Yes, playing fantasy games are legal in India except for some parts of India. As per the Supreme Court, any game is not considered betting or gambling if it is skill-based. Skill-based games enjoy constitutional protection of trade and commerce under Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution.

Is Playing Fantasy Games being Skill or Luck?

Fantasy games are predominantly skill-based games that require practice to be a master of the game. You should have knowledge of the game and an understanding of the proper techniques.

Tips and tricks to win online fantasy games

Playing online fantasy games is fun-filled and helps you earn a bomb. But earning this amount requires some skills.

Here are some tricks that can help you win-

  • Understand your opponent's performance. Keep an eye on the moves of the player opposite to you. Know their game and strategize your actions accordingly.

  • Choose your team wisely. The selection of the team matters a lot in the game. Take time and select your players discreetly because your winnings depend on them.

  • Don't put all your money into a single match. You don't need to win every time; invest your money wisely.

  • Take risks and trust your instincts. Don't be afraid to take risks because these risks can be good for you and your game; if not, they will t least give you a lesson for your future games.

  • Think with your head and not with your heart. It's possible that your favourite player might not be performing well, don't opt for him and go for the others who are performing better.

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