Hard-won money at the tables always seems sweeter. Turning a modest profit often increases the adrenaline rush and makes you willing to take more risks. However, before your good hand turns into a bad beat, know when to take your chips and cash out. Let's break down the do's and don'ts of cashing out from a game

Do - Let money marinate

New players often love the thrill of making the money and moving on. But as you learn, you are bound to lose money as well. Have a decent-size bankroll to withstand those losses, pay those dues and work your way up the ladder.

Do - Treat it like a salary

Whether full-time or part time, you are playing with your own hard-earned money. Never lose sight of this as this is your bread and butter and not a disposable income.

Don't - Forget about tournament variance

If you play poker long enough, you will experience barren spells without any big wins chalked up. This is important to understand and not lose hope. Try to ride the storm by, atleast, breaking even.