5 Common Misconceptions About Poker

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Poker is a fun game. But different people have different views about it. Some think it's not good, some spend their lifetime playing this game. But the truth is, it's a mind game that once played can become an addiction. There are a few misconceptions about the game. They are:

Poker is rigged/fixed:

There are people who think that poker is a scam. They believe that poker sites are involved in frauds and cheat the players. It's difficult to convince people that poker is real not rigged. Half of the people who believe this game is a scam haven't even played it themselves ever.

It's all about luck:

Poker is all about the best hand with the cards. While a player does not always receive strongest cards, the game can be influenced by making the correct decisions. A good poker player bets strategically and does everything in his power to obtain the highest hand possible in each round.

Poker is not informal:

Many individuals consider poker as a social pastime, the place associates sit round laughing and whooping it up. If performed correctly, it's a type of warfare. It's an aggressive battle for domination. It is often considered as 'violence, without the violence.'

Aggressive people always win:

This may be true in Hollywood films, but that's not true. In fact, playing too aggressively can be very, very costly. Your elevated emotions will cloud your judgment and result in poor decision-making. If you want to play aggressively, do it when you know you have the cards and chips to back it up.

It's the best bluffing game:

It's true that bluffing helps a poker player win hand but 'serial bluffing?' is dangerous and too predictable. Sooner or later players will not take any move seriously and the bluffs backfire. Often, bluffing at the wrong time can be a very costly mistake. Not only will make you lose a hand and some cash, but people can begin to 'read' you, meaning there are chances of you losing your 'bluffing privileges' forever.

The truth is, you're not a born pro. You become one out of practice. So make sure you keep practicing and stop believing in such misconceptions that lead you nowhere!


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