Spartan Poker: May's Cash Carnival

Last updated on : 01 Jan, 1970

Cash Carnival by Spartan Poker

In terms of incredible rewards, promotions and tournaments, Spartan Poker has been on the rise ever since. They have brought forth several new innovations to amaze its players and enhance their gaming experience that has made the very platform a leading online poker arena across the nation.

Now, Spartan Poker has introduced “Cash Carnival” – a thrilling and magnanimous blend of Spartan Royalty Program, Game of Tickets and Play Max. Cash Carnival will be an exciting opportunity for all the Spartan Players who keenly play their cash games to become triumphant winners. Players can now earn more with Cash carnival, who have opted for both RoyaltyCash/Royalty Treasure and Game of Tickets will be able to relish the benefits of both the promotions at the same time. Players can avail free tickets to tournaments by playing maximum cash games. The Elite, 2ok, Saturday Social, 400x etc. are a few of those tournaments and players can earn 15K daily when played in the time slot between 3 – 6pm from 19th May to 2nd June.

Game of Tickets

Spartan Poker has also introduced a brand-new promotion called ‘Game of Tickets’ where your skills in cash games can get you free tickets to several high-value tournaments. This unique promotion has a new way of treating players with ticket rewards, unlike other cash promotions that reward players with cash. Game of Tickets kicked off on 19th May and continues till 2nd June, welcoming all the Spartan players to play maximum cash games and earn their free tickets to different tournaments by opt-in using the code – “GOT”.

For more details and terms and conditions, please visit Spartan Poker website.


PlayMax (Happy Hours) is a brand-new concept of rewarding players within a dedicated time slot. Kicked off on 19th May till 2nd June, Happy Hours for all the Spartan players begins from 3 – 6pm. Players can play maximum cash hands during this time slot and stand a chance to bag 15k daily! The cash rewards are divided on an hourly basis with regards to the maximum number of hands you decide to play. The player with a maximum number of hands will be rewarded with INR 2,500, 2nd highest to be given INR 1,500 and 3rd highest will get INR 1,000.

For terms and conditions, please visit Spartan Poker website.

Spartan Royalty

India’s biggest cashback program, Royalty Cash will give you a weekly cashback of 20-60%, the highest cashback giveaway ever. 

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Our Testimonials

Tanmaya inverted_comma

Spartan poker is one of the best platform where tournament buyins are convenient to your pocket with good prize structure. I have won multiple tournaments in spartan poker and would like to recommend it to all my friends


Deepak Bothra inverted_comma

Thanks Spartan Poker for promoting tournaments in India unlike any other website. Also the site has started unique promotions which competition had to follow without choice and ultimately created huge value for players.

Deepak Bothra

Samay Modi inverted_comma

Spartan Poker has been providing a platform that has changed the face of poker in India. From mind blowing promotions for new and existing players as well as the widest range of value tournaments, they have been successful in ensuring the best online poker experience.

Samay Modi


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