Spartan Poker brings Game of Tickets back on popular demand!

Last updated on : 05 Jun, 2024

Spartan Poker brings Game of Tickets back on popular demand!

Spartan Poker has become a leading online poker platform in India. It has always provided its users with quality tournaments and promotional offer.

With a  focus on meeting the requirements of its members via interesting and engaging games, Spartan Poker has  become the first choice for all poker enthusiasts.

The brand always makes sure to provide a seamless gaming experience to its users. The online gaming leader’s library enjoys one of the biggest online tournaments along with amazing promotional offers. It’s most popular and exciting promotions ‘Game of Tickets’ is being introduced again this monsoon. .

The most favoured and popular Game of Tickets is back again this month on Spartan Poker. The thrilling promotional offer is valid from 9th June to 29th June 2019.

The participants will get a chance to win free tickets for interesting tournaments that are  definitely not to be missed. The Game of Tickets, requires  a player to play certain amount of hands to avail free tickets to the tournament.

Participants must use the code “GOT” to make their way to win a free ticket. Game of Tickets offer is one of the most loved promotions amongst the poker players. The users are able to relish the benefit from their favourite promotion for a second time this month.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your chance to win free tickets once again. GO Play Live Cash Games only on Spartan Poker. Happy Gaming everyone!

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Our Testimonials

Tanmaya inverted_comma

Spartan poker is one of the best platform where tournament buyins are convenient to your pocket with good prize structure. I have won multiple tournaments in spartan poker and would like to recommend it to all my friends


Deepak Bothra inverted_comma

Thanks Spartan Poker for promoting tournaments in India unlike any other website. Also the site has started unique promotions which competition had to follow without choice and ultimately created huge value for players.

Deepak Bothra

Samay Modi inverted_comma

Spartan Poker has been providing a platform that has changed the face of poker in India. From mind blowing promotions for new and existing players as well as the widest range of value tournaments, they have been successful in ensuring the best online poker experience.

Samay Modi


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