The Secret Guide to Online Poker Cash Games Strategy

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The Secret Guide to Online Poker Cash Games Strategy

Poker offers multiple different cash games that can become a lucrative source of regular income for many poker lovers out there. The important thing to winning consistently is knowing the right online poker cash game strategy.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best strategies to use while playing the most popular cash game online, Texas Hold’em poker. Mastering Hold’em is the first step for any beginner, simply because almost all online poker rooms around the world offer Texas Hold’em games. So, whenever you want to play, you will always be able to find a table for yourself and practice your game.

Many players feel that knowing the hand rankings, understanding the importance of positions or applying aggression here and there is enough of a strategy to win game after game. Unfortunately, it is this very thinking that leads to losses.

Of course, you must know these basic rules, to begin with, but there is much more to cash games strategy than these basics. If you are unsure about the and rankings, then check out our page on poker hand rankings and then continue reading this article.

So, let’s get right into the article with the first aspect, the right way to learn a cash game strategy.

How to learn cash game strategy the right way?

Learning a good strategy for online poker cash games takes a considerable amount of time but is definitely worth it. Jumping from one article to another or one video to another without formulating a plan of action to improve your game can turn out to be futile for most players. The problem with this approach is that all the information you receive will not fit into a single strategy, and so it will not help you formulate one holistic approach to cash games.

The right way to succeed at the tables would be to have a clear and clean system on how you want to learn the strategy and systematically improve your gameplay. This way, you can fix one mistake at a time.

How to formulate your own online poker cash game strategy?

Online poker cash games are arguably the toughest form of poker, ¬¬¬but they do provide advantages over many other formats. This is what makes them the go-to choice for most poker players out there.

The tips that we will discuss here will definitely help you avoid costly mistakes at the tables and make decisions that will pay off. So, get ready to learn the best strategies for beating small stakes poker.

Best strategies for winning small stakes cash games

The following are a few of the tips that will help you develop your own cash game strategy.

Have the necessary tools

This is the first tip that we have for you. You need to get the best poker software that is available because more often than not, having the right software can turn over your game completely. Most of your opponents will also have the best poker tracking software. This is because it helps you have the HUD and the stats when you are playing. If you do not have the right software, you will lose the edge and fall back pretty quickly. The software will help you improve and also catch the mistakes that your opponents make. If you use this wisely, you will be able to pay the cost of the software many times over with your winnings easily.

Learn how to balance ranges

The only way you will be able to battle it out against the strong cash game players is if you know how to balance your ranges. If you know how your optimal ranges look like you can easily make note of the mistakes your opponents make when playing and then attack them to maximize your results in the game.

Attack the players that are weaker than you

You will be able to point out the weaker, recreational players from a lime away because they are the ones that are passive. You can then adjust your strategy to exploit these players. If you are confused because you are playing against different players all the time. Which is a risk of the trade in online poker, then you can make use of your software and observe how they play.

Simply put, you have to make sure that you attack the weaker players and make them pay when you know you have a hand. This is one of the best strategies for beating small stakes poker players.

Bluff like you mean it

Often players do not bluff enough in cash games. You shouldn’t be afraid to bluff because players hardly catch on to a good bluff in online poker cash games. You should be taking advantage of this and bet even the weak hands with the intention at the back of your mind to fold out in case of a better holding.

Of course, to successfully bluff you will need to do more than just c bet. There is a lot more action involved. You will need to barrel multiple streets, use blockers or identify situations in which your opponents don’t have strong hands in their range.

Know when to bet a lot

When you are playing heads-up pots, you should bet quite frequently from in position, this is especially important when your opponent has already shown his or her weakness by choosing to check instead of c-bet. This is called a ‘float bet’.

This kind of a bluff works well when it is used against weaker players. This is because they fail to protect their own checking ranges and instead choose to check with only weak hands.

However, you should be wary of using the float betting method against the players who are stronger players. These players are capable of checking the good hands. So, you should be careful while using this strategy as it can end up making a deep hole in your pockets when used wrongly.

Learn how to quit and when

It is very important to know when to quit a game. Learning when to leave is essential in cash games, especially because it is a possibility when you are playing cash games as opposed to multi-table tourneys. So, you should take full advantage of this option. If you need to assess when you should quit, take into account your emotional state and level of distraction as the two main indicators that it is time to quit.

If you can feel yourself getting angry, frustrated or sad, then it is time for you to take a break. Same goes in case of distractions, if you are thinking more about your dinner than your hand then you shouldn’t be playing poker.

Advantages of playing online poker cash games

Online gaming already gives you so much freedom with regards to the time and place than you can play. Online poker cash games just add to these benefits and provide even more freedom than tournaments do when playing online. All these help you formulate a better cash game strategy

Flexibility in online cash games

Online cash games can be easily squeezed into your schedule. You have full control of when you play and how long you play at the tables online. You can easily make a break or quit a session that you will is going south. You don’t have to stay glued to your screen for hours on end like in multi-table tourneys, waiting and praying for them to get over.

No need for deep pockets in online cash games

When you play cash games, you need a comparatively smaller bankroll to stay in the game as opposed to tourneys. This is very important if you are just starting out and don’t want to sink your money into a hobby or newly acquired interest.

Above and beyond this, the benefit of playing online cash games also comes from the smaller swings. Online cash games are a good way to ensure that you are making a steady income without long periods of loses.

More options to improve in online cash games

When playing online poker cash games, you can gather many hands quite quickly in different spots and then use the information that you gain to analyze your gameplay using different software.

You will also be able to gather intel on your frequent opponents. On the other hand, gathering that sort of intel on regular tournament players would take forever, so this is a clear advantage.

Where should you play cash games online?

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