Top Tips for Double Barreling in Poker

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Double Barreling in Poker

Double Barreling in Poker


When you play poker, it is often easy to get fixated on the cards and forget about the other important aspects of the game like betting. Placing bets in poker is serious business, not only to strengthen the pot and sustain the game, but also because you put your own money on the line, after all. When you place bets and play, you hope to not only recover your own money, but also make a profit. This is why betting is not only essential, but it is also tricky. You want to bet the right amount at the right time. However, as the game has evolved, new betting tricks have also been introduced. One such trick is double barreling.


If you’ve never heard of this term and are wondering what it is, then don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need. We’ll guide you and soon you’ll be ready double barrel when you’re in a poker game. So, read on, and find out.


What is Double Barreling?


Essentially, double barreling is a version of barreling. Barreling is a concept where players place bet on streets that are coming up. So, placing bets on the Flop, River or Turn would count as barreling. It might look like bluffing, but it is quite different and is a very strategic move to play.


Going off on this, a double barrel is when a player places a bet on the Flop for the Turn. In essence, it means that a player is placing a bet on the penultimate round of the game, in advance, without seeing it. Through this move, the player is either indicating that he/she has a very strong hand, or is making a considerable bluff. This move is effective because it has the potential of causing mediocre players to fold. So, the competition is reduced.


In poker, you can win pots quite early in the game. You just need to know which pot can be snatched up in the earlier stages. This kind of skill comes with experience, but moves like double barreling can definitely be a good start.


In order to successfully double barrel, a player needs certain skills, such as hand reading, etc. Once you know how to double barrel, you can use it strategically, but an amateur double barrel can land you in a tight spot. However, don’t get intimidated. We’ve got some tips that’ll help you navigate this move.


Tips for Double Barreling In Poker:


These are the tips that’ll help you identify the right time to double barrel. They are as follows:


1) Barreling a Calling Station: this is a mistake that you should definitely avoid. It’s very tempting once you know the trick, to double barrel players. This is especially true for calling stations, who are basically players who refuse to raise their bets and keep calling. However, this fun is ruined the minute you realize that your double barrel is not causing them to fold. It is always better to be sure that your bluff will work and your opponent will fold, otherwise, you’ve just wasted your money for nothing. So, refrain from barreling unnecessarily.


2) Read Your Opponents: it is extremely important for you to know as much as you can about your opponents before you decide whether or not to double barrel them. For instance, if you know that a certain player floats a lot of Flops, or if you’re aware that a particular player tries to get to the showdown as much as possible, you’ll be well –equipped with the knowledge to make the right decision. Knowing your opponents can be the difference between a failed and successful double barrel. So, keep your eyes and ears open, and you’ll know when it’s the right time.


3) Have Equity: when you are using a double barrel, you’re either bluffing, or you’re trying out a semi-bluff. Your main aim is to convince the other players of your superior hand so that you can take the pot early. However, it is always a better idea to have some equity. Basically, even when you’re bluffing, ensure that the hands you have are such that can be a back-up in case your double barrel fails. So, ensuring that via a good card on the River, you will have a decent hand, is a great safety net. While playing risky moves like a double barrel, it is important to ensure your overall safety in the game. 


4) Turn Card: if the card on the Turn scares your opponent, then your chances of successfully executing a double barrel increase. They will be intimidated and will be ready to fold their own hand, thus giving you the clear advantage. So, keeping your eyes on the cards at the Turn and also on your opponent’s reaction to it can be a great clue about your own double barrel strategy. This tip is the key to pull off your move.


5) Improving your Hand: your double barrel at the Turn will only work if your hand is actually improving. If your move relies solely on a semi-bluff, then eventually your strategy will fall apart. Your opponents have the potential of seeing through your move and exploiting it. Thus, bet on the Turn when your hand is actually improving and your double barrel will strengthen your chances of winning the pot. 


Another important hack to remember is to be smart in case your double barrel fails. If this happens, be sure to be wise and fold. Don’t fall down the trap of pushing all your moves on one round of the game. You want to recover your money, but you might just end up losing more of it, if you apply this rash strategy.


As we come to the end of our discussion on double barrel, you can safely say that you are ready to take on the challenge and try out this move at the poker table. So, come join us at Spartan Poker, and play poker online!

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