Be it a wedding party or a casual meet-up with friends, most people would prefer to play rummy games over chatting or gossiping. And why not? This classic game hasn’t lost its charm even today. Ever since it was launched on the internet, online rummy has made the gaming experience even more exciting and thrilling.

A game of rummy can be played anywhere - be it a party or a gathering or a get-together! Offline Rummy is a great pastime for folks who love a card game.

This card game is very much popular in India due to its strategy, fun-based and also, a quick and speedy result. However, with the online technology settling in, it has resulted in the offline game going online! Yes, your favourite card game is now available online with the added advantage of winning real cash. 

Rummy is a strategic card game that can be played on various platforms and includes various forms with the view of winning cash.

Card games & tournaments are most popular amongst card lovers who will do anything to play them. Cash tournaments, offers, schemes etc are often enticed to players in a view of playing rummy online. 

However, with online rummy gaining so much popularity, it does come with its pros and cons. People who play it regularly, might differ or debate over it but in the below piece, we dissect some of the pros and cons of online rummy game - 


1) Play Rummy anytime, anywhere 

Those days were very frustrating and annoying when one would wait for his/her friends to come over for a game of rummy. And if they did not turn up, it would be a catastrophe of sorts and then somehow adjust playing sans a player.

However, with the advent of online rummy, the above query stands quashed. Online Rummy allows you to play a quick game over a mobile-phone or a tablet. All you need is a good internet connection and voila, you have a game! 

Play a game of rummy at any given time from anywhere. Be it from your office canteen to your living room, rummy game online knows no boundaries.

2) Win cash prizes & huge rewards

Ones who play online rummy will know the fun and thrill factor that's associated with it. It adds to the many other factors that goes with playing rummy card game. However, when one plays online rummy, it's not only the aforementioned factors that are involved but also the cash rewards.

When you play card rummy on various platforms, you can not only win cash but also some handsome rewards like bike, cars, phones etc. 

3) Improve your decision-making skills

We all know that Rummy card game is a strategy-based game. And whilst playing this card game, you know what factors and elements that come in to play.

When playing at the rummy table, one will know which is a good card combination & pick cards from the closed deck or open deck. For this, one needs to be very wise and has to be very sure of picking his/her cards before dropping or keeping a card.

So, if you are very much thorough with your decision-making skills, you will know which are the ideal combinations & in a way, give you an advantage over your competitors. 


1) Internet connection is a must

If one has to play a rummy game online, then he/she should carry a good internet connection on his/her mobile phone/tablet. Also, if you reside in a very remote area where connectivity is not good, this could really hamper your game as it dampens your game mood.

2) You do not know your opponents

When you play online rummy, you go head-to-head against some of the best players you haven't faced before. Furthermore, you do not know who is sitting on the opposite end of your virtual rummy table. In a way, it plays to your disadvantage as you might not know your opponent's skills, strategic display etc.

When playing offline, you know your opponent is going to lose just by looking at his/her facial expression but in the virtual world, that's not possible at all.

3) Addiction could be a problem

Once you start playing rummy online, the primary concern that comes into it is that it could become an addiction. As more and more you immerse yourself into it, the more you are likely to involve cash and time.


All in all, the online rummy card game's pros are too heavy on the cons. If you manage to control the cons in a way, there won't be any issue at all.

Rummy is an entertaining game that offers strategic upgrade and also, in a way it allows you to take a break from the heavy work life that we manage in our day-to-day life.

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