Why Online Poker is Ideal Game for You

Last updated on : 17 May, 2024


Card games' love affair with most of the Indian folks goes back long into the history books. Be it a wedding gathering, festivities or evenings at a friend's house, card games offline were always a fun way to get people together & enjoy.

However, with the hectic lifestyles and workload pressure, offline card games have become a challenge for card lovers. With the pandemic setting in, it has become even more difficult for people to visit homes or gather at parties to play their favourite card games.

But thanks to technology, card games has now gone online & due to that, many people can now play from the comfort of their homes. The games are the same but with a mere mobile phone or tablet, one can play card games from any corner of the globe.

Now, you don't require to be present physically to play as online card games is the talk of the town! With so many applications and formats out in the market, it becomes very difficult to pick one. To add to that, the real money enticement also makes it more appealing.

With so many card games available to play, one of the most popular card games is Online Poker. Poker offline was very much played in parties, events, kitty parties etc but it became too tiring for one to be physically present all the time.

However, with the advent of online apps, poker can be played with friends and peers from any corner of the planet. Poker is a very strategic card game that requires one to be very quick with their decision making.

Poker apps allow users to participate in cash tournaments and mega events wherein they compete for the numero uno tag.

So, what signs does it require for one to play Online Poker? Following are some of the signs that we think show that Poker is the perfect fit for you -

1) Making some great decisions

At some point, we must make decisions that will eventually change the shape of our lives. This similarly falls for online poker games too when one's playing & stuck at a certain point, he/she must make a quick decision which could have consequences either way. For e.g., if you get a bad hand, you should be able to call whether to pull out of the game or not.

Also, decision making is crucial when discarding of a card is made. When cards are dealt on the table, you have a tough pick to choose from a closed or an open deck & discard one card to the open one.

Thus, discarding the perfect card helps in creating combinations which in turn gives you a valid declaration & increase your chance of winning.

2) When you are good with logical thinking & reasoning

Poker can get very challenging at times. When cards are dealt, one has to be very quick to arrange the hand before your opponent's. Arranging & sorting out the cards are deemed very easy especially when all the cards in your hand.

But it gets a tad difficult when you deal with a bad hand. At such a time, logical thinking is a must! Logical thinking makes you think wise decisions and such decisions helps you out during tough calls on the poker table.

Poker is also about thinking analytically especially when the price is high. Therefore, one needs to arrange his/her cards in such a way that it maintains a low score. It will help you lose by a huge margin in case your opponent makes a valid declaration prior to your call.

3) Sporting spirit despite heavy loss

In games, sportsmanship is a very rare sight these days. In games or even in online card games, sporting spirit is very minimal to see. People do not mend to sporting spirit as the loss at times can be very personal. Stakes are higher in poker games.

Poker card games can become an addiction as people who've lost numerous times, try to recover it by playing over & over again. Thus, if you possess a sporting spirit, you are a perfect fit for a poker card game online that deals with cash rewards.

4) When you are good with maths

Maths - one of the most difficult topics at school level! While some were bad at it, there were some who were very good at it and had the best of the skills in numbers and data.

That's why if you are damn good in maths, that means it will help you in playing poker games too! Calculation of points & how you could reduce the margin of defeat, are some of the points that could help you whilst playing poker.

Moreover, it also helps you call the cards of your direct rival too! If you feel you aren't good at it, don't worry, practice on the free tables & move up the ladder! 

5) If you're mind's focused & sharply skilled 

Memorizing something isn't a trait that's everyone born with. Sharp memory requires high skills, good eye co-ordination and some luck too! So, if you possess sharp memory, then you are perfect to play poker games.

It will help you when your opponent's discarded cards. In such a way, it helps you not to throw away any cards that connect which will improve your chances of creating a valid combination.


The above signs truly show that if you possess the above, you are an ideal fit for Poker. Poker cash games are difficult but very simple if one gets use to it.

It's an entertaining game & can be played by anyone at any time. But if you practice enough to play poker, you can truly possess the skill to become a pro-player and win real cash rewards.

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