Spartan Poker is one of the best online poker portals in India, have earned a commendable reputation for its seamless user experience and premium quality of services. It is known to offer avid poker buffs some of the most sought-after gaming options along with some incredible promotional offers. As the go-to destination for all things poker, Spartan Poker hosts a series of lucrative poker tournaments every month that gives participants the chance to turn their fortunes around and take home a number of luxurious giveaways. With the ‘5 for 5’ being an absolute hit amongst participants, the competition makes a welcome return much to the delight of poker aficionados. The tournament will be played on the 17th of March at 6:00 PM. The top 5 players will win Rs. 5 Lakhs each, and the buy-in for the same would be Rs. 5,500. If you win a 5 for 5 Satty, you get to participate in the ‘5 for 5’ tournament directly. It is important to note that other promo codes and offers will be deemed invalid for this tournament. So, users need to be careful while using their promotional offers. With the poker tournament being open to everyone, this is your one true chance to play poker and put your skills to the ultimate test this 17th.

If you think you have it in you to challenge some of the best players in the game and win some handsome prizes, do not forget to login at 6:00 PM on the 17th. So sign up for the tournament before time runs out. Until then, learn the poker rules, brush your gaming skills up and prepare for the final battle on the 17th.