Spartan Poker, India’s leading gaming platform is known for its high-value poker tournaments and promotional offers. Owing to its premium gaming services and seamless gaming experience, the portal is one of the most amazing poker hotspots in the country. It offers an array of innovative poker competitions and other gaming options to its users on a regular basis. Some of the biggest online poker tournaments in the country are available on Spartan Poker website. This time around, it is back with its biggest tournament of the season - ‘Spartan Super Series’.

‘Spartan Super Series’ is a massive 7-day poker carnival which features a total of 46 events spread across the mentioned period. This time, the tournament will have a massive GTD of 3.5+ Crore, including 5 Lakh in leader board. The tournament will run from the 18th to the 24th of March, 2019, and will have a buy-in of Rs. 3,300. If you win the Satty, you can use it as a buy-in for the series. (Satty/Satellite is a qualifying tournament for a bigger, more prestigious tournament) There will be multiple high-value tournaments like SSS Destiny (25 Lacs), SSS PLO (20 Lacs), SSS Super, Highroller (45 Lacs), SSS The Elite: (50 Lacs) SSS Sunday superstack (30 Lacs) etc. The main event will have a GTD of a whopping 75 Lacs, making it one of the biggest tournaments in the gaming arena. Make sure you read all the poker rules on the website before entering the competition.


So what are you waiting for? Apply today and get ready to play poker with some of the heavyweights of the poker world. This could be your one true chance to win some amazing prizes, test your skills and make your pockets happy! Read all the details on the Spartan poker website. Happy gaming!