Poker Cheat Sheet 2024: Learn the Game in the Easiest Way

Last updated on : 11 Jun, 2024


Poker Cheat Sheet 2024

One might associate learning to play poker with a variety of varied complexities, and you won't be wrong for thinking that way because it is indeed true. Poker has several intricacies, and things can go out of hand before you could even realize.

At one moment, you could be down and out, in the very next round, you can bounce back strong. This is where our poker cheat sheet comes into play to give you all the information you need about the game.

This crash course of a blog is designed to get you familiar with all the mechanics of playing poker so you can further dive into it yourself and get more in-depth with time.

Whether you wish to play online poker tournaments or online poker games in general just for fun, you will need this guide to take you through the table without which you'll seem lost and confused.

One of the primary reasons for most people interested in cards to never try poker is the level of complexity it bears where things can appear to be daunting. However, if you clear the fog and look beneath, poker's basic structure is simple to understand.

Like someone once famously said, "poker is a game that is easy to learn and hard to master." Through this poker cheat sheet, you can know precisely where you need to invest your time and playtime from here on. Even then, there are a lot of factors that determine which way the pot sways during a game.

The variation you play, the skill level your opponents are at, your own experience, the cards each player is dealt with, the strategy each decides to apply, they all influence the odds to be in someone's favour.

Technically, the best poker strategies are those that are made with your own experience. By understanding your play style, and by using sophisticated tools and software, you can keep track of your performance to craft a plan that works best for you under all situations.

With all that out of the way, let us quickly go over this basic yet effective poker cheat to get you started, this will serve as your fundamental study material.

Poker Card Ranks

Just like most other card games, poker too shares the same ranking scheme. The card with the highest value is the Ace, followed by the King, Queen, and then the Jack right at the back.

The numbered cards are ranked from 10 going down to 2, gradually declining in value. Therefore hands like pocket Aces and pocket Kings are considered to be the absolute best as poker starting hands. The Ace-Queen and Ace-Jack combination could also be profitable if played wisely.

Table Positions

No poker game cheat sheet is entirely complete without mentioning the different positions from where you can play at the table. Knowing poker hands and having the ability matched with experience to play them the right way is one thing but knowing how to do the same from different play positions is another aspect altogether.

Positions change with each betting round in poker, with each player shifting in a clockwise direction, starting from the dealer's position to the left of which you have the small blind followed by the big blind.

The big blind amount is generally twice that of the small blind, and these are forced bets to add some value to the pot and encourage players to not be conservative.

You then have early positions, followed by middle positions, late positions, and lastly, the one on the button. As you go further and further away from the blinds, you gain more advantage as the game unfolds before you.

You do not have the pressure to force anything; you must only react. Being on the button is the most favourable poker table position because you act last, meaning you have plenty of information available to consider. There is no guesswork involved in this position.

Poker Hand Rankings

Regardless of the poker game variant you play, it all comes down to forming the right poker hand combination and winning the pot. This is why it needs to be included in every poker cheat sheet.

Considering popular games like Texas Hold 'em, there are 10 possible poker hand combinations. These range from the Royal Flush to the High Card.

You could use any of the two hold cards and the seven community cards to form your five-card poker hand. Having the rarest hand is always better but doesn't mean you won't survive with an underneath hand. It all comes down to your poker skills.

Royal Flush

The rarest of them all. This hand is formed with an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 all belonging to the same suit. No hand beats the Royal Flush; it is the guaranteed nuts.

Straight Flush

In the Straight Flush, all five cards are from the same suit in a sequence. Such as 2d-3d-4d-5d-6d.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kinds are made using four cards of the same value. Such as 4d-4s-4h-4c-2d

Full House

Full Houses are a combination of two other hand rankings – the Three of a Kind and the Pair. You have three cards of the same rank and two separate cards of the same rank.


Holding a Flush would mean for you to hold five cards of the same suit with no particular sequence.


Straights are made of having five cards in a sequence where the suits are not relevant.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kinds are made of three cards of the same rank. Such as Ad-Ac-Ah-2s-8h

Two Pair

Two Pairs have two cards of the same rank and two other cards of the same rank. Such as 3d-4d-8h-8s-Ad

One Pair

Similar to Two Pairs, One Pairs are made with only one pair of two cards having the same rank. Such as 6s-6d-Ad-5s-8h

High Card

The least reliable poker hand combination is the High Card, where none of those mentioned above poker hands are formed. Therefore, you pick the highest card among your five cards to represent your poker hand in such a situation.

And that was everything you needed to know about poker, to begin with your first games. We hope this poker cheat sheet comes in handy for you. This is the premise, what you build upon it further depends on your level of interest, commitment, and seriousness towards the game.

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