Poker RNG algorithms and Online safety protocols

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Poker RNG algorithms and other online safety protocols

For anyone gaming with cards through a digital platform, online poker security is a serious concern. You have probably heard it been said numerous times already, and here we are, repeating it, that the internet is certainly not as safe as most people wrongly presume.

Be it internet banking or even talking to your friends on conference calls, having some sort of interface that protects your privacy, your personal information is always the need of the hour. This makes online poker security even more important, given how much time you will be spending on the platform and how much of your information could be out there.

While discussing online poker security, everything essentially boils down to two things: what your poker platform is doing for you and what you are doing for yourself in terms of security. If you pick the right poker website, your worries are almost entirely eradicated, and you only must focus on your own duties because everything is covered on the server-side. The following are some of the ways in which the poker website that you decide to play on can ensure the protection of your data online.

? Authenticity of the Website

If you play online at Spartan Poker, you can be assured of your maximum safety from the server because of our legalities in place. We are authorized in all the necessary ways, making us the official leading poker platform in India. The massive number of participants on our website guarantees for our encryption to be so strong that your personal data remains intact on our system. From our game engine to our user-interface, everything is slick, modern, and authenticated to eliminate unfair ways of play.  

? Dealing with Collusions

Collusions occur if a player can somehow create a pact with someone from the system to help them out. This could lead to significant advantages that are both illegal and unethical. To avoid this, Spartan has a dedicated anti-collusion team to look after any such practices. This team also immediately ejects unlawful and under-aged players. A reliable verification process in place enables the team to ensure that banned players do not rejoin, or a single player cannot make multiple accounts. If you ever feel that there is something unfair, notifying this team will do the trick. 

? Protection of Funds and RNGs

On Spartan, we arrange for segregated funds. This means that the money held by each player is always kept separated from the prize pool. Therefore, in case of any problems, we can deal with the funds much more efficiently. Safety isn’t restricted to your funds or user-data. You might be wondering about the randomness from the end of the website in organizing poker games. For this, we employ RNSs (Random Number Generators) to make sure each game, each tournament, everything you play remains entirely random and not manipulated by anyone for any reason, so gameplay remains fair at all times through constant poker deck shuffles.

We have gone over the safety standards that your poker platform should take care of to protect your data, funds, and the integrity of the game. With that out of the way, let us now go over some quick tips and healthy surfing habits through which you can avoid any malware or unsecured internet behavior. Follow these steps to create maximum security at all times from your end.

? Invest in an authorized Anti-virus

You cannot stress enough about having a licensed anti-virus. From blocking spam websites to restricting permissions to unreliable sources, an anti-virus does everything you need in terms of internet security. Scan your computer from time to time and keep all your data safe. Also, avoid free anti-viruses or those bundled with your new PC on a trial basis. Get yourself the complete deal to gain maximum effect.

? Set-up Two-Factor Authentications

Firstly, create a strong password that is inclusive of seven to eight characters along with special characters, numbers, and a shuffle between capital and small letters. It doesn’t end there. Set-up two-factor authentication everywhere you can get so that even if your personal data gets vulnerable at some point, you still have your mobile phone or email to notify you and block access.

? Get yourself a VPN

It is always advised to never connect to public Wi-Fi because of the potential threat to your system. Always carry a dongle to create your own network. You could also tether the internet from your mobile if need be. In case of a scenario where you have to use public Wi-Fi or even otherwise, always use a VPN and a paid one. Using a VPN will entirely hide your IP address and block other important data not to leave your system.

? Do not play from your admin PC

Most users only have one system set-up, their admin account. However, it is always better to have another account created where you keep no data, where there is no vulnerable information, and you solely use it for gaming. Using an alternative account for poker will make sure no unwanted tools are installed on your computer to mess with your privacy.

? Do not trust links and strangers

You will often come across spam emails luring you to click on a link, and you must never do that. Block the sender of the email and report the mail. If you head over to the link, they are infested with malware that looks to track as much data about you as possible. You might make friends while playing poker online, but be careful with that, particularly with those whom you share your phone number or skype so that your camera and other information remains with you.

Those were some easy ways that you could look after your own security online. As per the other side, if you are registered with Spartan Poker, you need not worry about it whatsoever. If you aren’t a member already, what is it that you are waiting for? Do you not wish to play real money poker games with the utmost safety? Download our app, sign-up today, be part of our VIP club, and win yourself exclusive rewards only on Spartan Poker.


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