Identifying Players Who Fold High Cards

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

Identifying Players Who Fold High Cards

Identifying Players Who Fold High Cards


As soon a beginner ventures into learning to play poker, they are immediately bombarded with offensive strategies. Nobody is going to address topics pertaining to the defensive mechanism essential to playing poker, such as paying attention to those who fold high cards. Folding as a whole is neglected; it is assumed to be the go-to for those who aren’t confident of themselves or who lack the money to go any further. Poker novices are full of such ideas because they are blinded by the incentive of making money through the game, and for such a mindset, folding appears to be a flaw in the system.


However, if you ever strike a conversation with veteran poker players, they will always talk about the importance of cutting your losses and knowing when to fold. Poker must be played with the intent of leaving with something worth playing for. However, one must not be complacent with the idea of running into a loss. After all, poker demands strategic gameplay that’s balanced in terms of its aggression and conservative style. As you mature and play at a higher level, these ideas start appearing to make much more sense. Technically speaking, unlike other card games, poker could get out of control within no time at all.


The many variables, experience level, and variety in terms of game type, strategies, and opponents could get extremely overwhelming. Although, for the majority of the part, if you keep the game as simple as possible, you will result in making good money. One important aspect that you can incorporate into your game to face instant success is to identify those who you know are likely to fold their high cards. This will open a wide range of possibilities for explosive gameplay. We will now take a look into how you can go about this.


How to Identify High Card Poker Hand Folders


Whether you’re playing online poker or live poker, poker actions and their calculations are essentially what’s going to give you a good payoff. Speaking of knowing those at the table who are prone to fold their poker high card ranking, one thing to bear in mind is that they’re most likely to do so on the flop. They may get involved early on yet fold post-flop. You will observe patterns that these players tend to engage in, such as cold calling, missing the flop, folding, raising, and check/folding the turn. There’s nothing exceptional about their style of play.


They prefer not to invest any big bet without holding a pair at the least. And if they ever do this, they get into a habit of repeating it. Pay careful attention to each player during the game to take note of these observations. If someone calls the big bland, do they follow it through? Or give up on the flop? Take notice so you can exploit it. After some time of careful watchfulness, you will have a fair idea of who likes to fold their high cards, and that is when you should capitalize.


Corner to Capitalize


Once you have identified those who prefer to fold their high cards, it is time to isolate them and force them to fold post-flop. Something fascinating about modern-day poker is how most players prefer to flat three-bet attempts against them with just about anything. If you’re up against someone who also chooses to fold when they miss the board, you’re in for some serious poker business. If your target opens or limps more than 15% of the hands they hold, they will be in troubled waters.


If the board comes with two cards of nine or higher, then it is possible that your opponent missed because people enjoy limping and raising with high cards. Even on an unfriendly board, you can surely try with a small bet. Since it would be a daunting board for them in case of a miss, it won’t be too hard for you to eliminate them out of the hunt for the pot. You protect and raise your chip count during the initial stages of poker tournaments by simply doing this. Identifying and isolating such players to go after them with no remorse.


The Players Won’t Appreciate Your Doings


If and when you hit your hand, you will be the one to decide how big the pot can get with three streets to work with. Your opponent has no luxury of simply bringing the both of you to the turn card. Since you are the one raising the stakes, fully aware of your confident spot, you will be contending for bigger pots than every other player in the tournament.


For this reason alone, you can expect a lot of early exits which is not a bad scenario. Once players find your strategy to be offending them, they will immediately start to call down with their pairs. Once they finally hit something, they will be way too stubborn to not fold against you. After all, they have been desperate for payback after all your aggression, so they won’t budge, they won’t fold under such circumstances.


That is How You Dominate the Table


If you flop an exceptionally good top pair by everything we went over above, you have to go for it all. They are more than likely to be calling you down with a good pair. It is time to make the most of your money and show them that you can lead the charge as well. At no point will you ever come across a table loaded with professionals.


They are probably all average players who might not even think as much as you. By making a mistake, you might actually help them learn, that could be the case, and it plays into your benefit if they’re the ones messing up. Despite the amateur play, if you somehow get a killer shot in, the game is sealed to be yours. Once that happens, you can start to make full use of three-betting and chop people out right and left.


Once they know that you’re legit, they won’t be willing to lock horns with you. The way you check-raise, three-bet, and double barrel will surely make your opponents sweat so you can then go to work. However, that won’t happen unless you identify who will fold when they miss the board. And for that, you will have to get out of your comfort zone at the start and face some early exits.


And we hope that gave you all the necessary information on how you can identify and deal with those who prefer folding their high cards. By heading over to the official Spartan Poker website, you can upgrade your skill and knowledge from time to time. From blogs on different game types and strategies to the most basics of poker hand rankings, we offer insights on them all. If you are someone who is enthusiastic about poker, don’t hesitate to download our official mobile application through which you can play your favorite poker games anywhere and anytime. Playing poker for real money has never been as easy and efficient since the introduction of our platform.

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