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Last updated on : 14 May, 2024


Games to Enjoy this Festive Season: Navratri Special

One of India's most colorful and popular festivals, Navratri is a time for joy, dedication, and lots of fun. The Hindu goddess Durga is honored during this nine-night festival, marked by a frenzy of activities like dancing, fasting, and the production of colorful rangoli patterns.

You step out of your house during this festive season and you’ll experience the festive feels in every nook and corner of your city. The city is all lit up with lights, happiness, and of course the blessings of our 9 Goddesses during this festive season.

This is that time of the year when your heart and your friends don’t let you stay indoors. With Ramleelas happening every few kilometers, these 9 days mark the onset of winter and the festive season. Navratri will be concluded by Dussehra and then people will look forward to Diwali.

These aren’t just festivals or an excuse to celebrate for the community, they are an emotion and feeling that stays with us right from our childhood to our adulthood. The celebrations have been passed on from generation to generation and the craze still remains intact.

However, one of the best parts of enjoying this festive season is the variety of games and activities that encourage celebration by bringing people together. 

We'll discuss a range of navratri games you can play during this Navratri festive season here. These activities, which range from classic folk games to contemporary adaptations, are all meant to add excitement, cooperation, and camaraderie to the celebrations.

There is a game for everyone to enjoy this festive season, whether you're a devoted follower or just trying to get into the holiday spirit. May this festive season bring truckloads of happiness and success to your doorstep. 

List of Navratri Games that you can Enjoy with your Friends and Family

1. The Treasure Hunt for Navratri

A treasure hunt with a Navratri theme is a great way to inject some excitement and mystery into your festive season celebrations. In accordance with your choices and available space, you can host this game either inside or outside.

How to organize a Navratri treasure hunt is as follows:

  • Make a list of hints or puzzles pertaining to Navratri, its background, or other facets of the event.
  • Make a series of little Navratri-themed goodies or products that you can find by solving a riddle and hiding them in various places.
  • Participants can either compete in teams or individually.
  • The winning team or person is the one who finds the hidden gems first and can solve all the riddles.

2. Dandiya Masti

It is a one-minute party game in which participants must write the title of the film next to each Bollywood song they know. The winner is the player who submits the most accurate responses.

Then, let everyone attend the party in their finest dandiya and garba attire. As soon as the music begins, everyone must dance. Among the guests, pick one or two judges to serve as Dandiya Queen, Dandiya King, Best Female Dancer, etc. May this festive season bring you as many titles as possible.

3. Ludo

Playing Ludo during Navratri is like receiving a warm hug from your youth. Our Indian Ludo improves your celebrations while reviving the feeling of a family game night set.

It's beneficial to wait for the garba to begin since it strengthens family ties. Let's remember to go back to the good old family days during this time of Navratri, a festival of harmony, tradition, and reverence.

Indian traditional games are more than just entertainment; they foster creativity or provide a priceless time with loved ones. And yes, you can also savor the game of Ludo online now as we all did during the pandemic.

4. Navratri Quiz

How Well-Rounded Is Your Knowledge of the Navratri Festival? This festival lasts for nine nights, and each day is marked with a unique celebration that includes a variety of activities.

How well do you understand the actions taken and when they occur? Take this quiz to see how well you and your friends understand the festival.

5. Dress-Up Relay: Wear traditional attire

The celebrations of Navratri are enhanced by wearing traditional Indian clothing, which is the ideal time to do so. A game that combines enjoyment, style, and cooperation is a dress-up relay.

This is how it goes:

  • Form teams out of the participants.
  • Give each squad a box containing traditional clothing, including kurtas, chaniya cholis, turbans, and other accessories.
  • Set up a relay event in which a team member from each team must rapidly don the customary clothes before passing it to the following team member.
  • The winning team is the one whose members finish the relay race first while donning the customary garb.
  • This game emphasizes teamwork and quick thinking in addition to getting people in the holiday spirit.

6. Rangoli Making Competition

Navratri is a time for creativity and artistic expression in addition to dancing and playing games. In the traditional Indian art form of rangoli, colored powders, rice, or flower petals are used to create elaborate patterns and motifs on the ground.

Create a Rangoli competition among your friends and family members to make it a fun and competitive Navratri activity. Decide on a theme or let people pick their own designs.

Give them a wide range of vibrant materials to work with. Give them a deadline for finishing the Rangoli.

The winners should be chosen by judges or the competitors themselves based on their originality, symmetry, and overall visual appeal. Rangoli contests are a great way to show off your artistic abilities and strengthen relationships with loved ones during Navratri.

7. Poker

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Poker has become a common games during Navratri celebrations, delivering a special blend of amusement and companionship that matches the ancient customs of the festival.

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8. Rummy

Rummy is a card game that has long been a favorite in India. The design of many online gaming websites has developed as a result of modern technology's return to the earliest traditional times.

Online rummy is one of the most alluring and well-liked skill-based card games with the possibility to win real money. Rummy is a card game that may be played online with a small group of pals or with your entire social circle.

Anywhere on Earth can play it and enjoy it, and all it takes to win real money is a little amount of skill and artistic Rummy playing.

9. Tambola Twist: A Numbers and Prizes Game

Tambola, sometimes referred to as Bingo or Housie, is a game that is frequently played at Navratri get-togethers. It is a chance game that requires little talent, making it suitable for players of all ages.

Play Tambola using tickets with Navratri themes. Small gifts with a Navratri theme may be given to winners.

Tambola variations, dividends, and offers-

  • Punch Meva (Early 5)
  • Dance (Dandiya,Garba Numbers)
  • Shingar (Chunri + Shingar Numbers)
  • Parshad (Mithai,Mewa Numbers)
  • Chawki (Chawki,kalash Numbers)
  • Mata Ki Pooja (All the Numbers of Hindi Words)
  • Vrat (phal,Phlahar Numbers)
  • Happy Navratri (All Numbers that contains Happy Navratri alphabets)
  • Aarti (Jyoti + kapoor Number)
  • 5 Lines
  • Jai Mata Ki (Full House)

The festival of Navratri is a time of enthusiasm and devotion. There are many games and activities that add to the festive mood, from the captivating dances of Dandiya and Garba to the lighthearted competition of tambola and treasure hunts.

Whether you consider yourself religious or not, Navratri offers everyone a chance to have fun, learn something new, and spend time with their loved ones.

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You may make the most of the Navratri season by taking part in these games and observing the festival's customs, developing priceless memories and experiences that you'll remember for years to come.

Gather your friends and family during Navratri, dress in your traditional garb, and participate in the sports, dances, and cultural activities that make this celebration so unique.


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