Poker tournaments seem simple enough on the surface, but the reality is quite different. For beginner and even moderately experienced players, these can be a breeding ground for online poker tournament mistakes. Even experienced poker players are not spared of these common errors when it comes to tournament poker. So, if you are a beginner or just getting to grips when it comes to playing tournaments online, then this article is definitely for you.  

So, let us run down a list of the top ten mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when it comes to playing poker tournaments online.

1. Playing too many flops

This is a rookie error that many players are bound to make when they play poker tournaments online. Chances are, you are playing too loose if you are finding yourself seeing flops after flops.

The thing with this error is that it seems harmless to call pre-flop raises at the beginning. Especially because the tournaments begin at low stakes. Despite all of this, you must practice restraint and play tight, to win steady money from poker tournaments.

2. Taking aggressive bankroll decisions

Many times, due to lack of knowledge regarding variance, you may take aggressive bankroll decisions. It always helps to remember that you need a bankroll that is able to withstand a hundred or more buy-ins. In the end, this is what tournament poker is known for. If you decide to play online poker tournaments under rolled, most likely you will find yourself busting sooner than later.

Bankroll management is thus one of the most important parts of playing tournament poker. On the other hand, a well-managed bankroll can be the key to winning money consistently in a game where nothing is guaranteed.

3. Choosing the wrong tournaments

Choosing the wrong tournaments can be a disastrous online poker tournament mistake. There is much more to selecting a tournament than just clicking the register according to your availability. You must take into consideration the variance that your bankroll can withstand and the goals associated with that particular tournament.

For beginners, it is always advisable to choose smaller tournaments. Multiple reasons contribute to that decision. First of all, the variance is much lower with a small field tournament. Secondly, the emotional toll on the players isn’t that big. Beginners usually take some time to get used to the emotional toll that comes as part and parcel of poker.

Lastly, you are more likely to get more practice at the final table than in a larger tournament.

4. Incomplete or ineffective preparation

Poker requires a great deal of dedication and commitment. As a play, if you do not prepare enough, you bound to make many errors. There are a million resources online that you can use to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to learning poker tips, tricks, and strategies. The basic gaming rules are a given when it comes to poker.

You can choose to learn such new strategies and expand your knowledge base by reading blogs by experts, watching videos, and even making use of software to learn from your own moves.

These are all great ways to fine-tune your game when you play online poker tournaments and win more money than you would otherwise.

Pro tip: Tournament and cash games each have their own strategies so be sure to learn the one you are planning to play.

5. Not knowing how to master your emotions

Another important aspect of playing tournament poker is learning how to master your emotions. Often in tournaments, emotions can sway your decisions and send you down a spiral of bad decisions.

Each player has a unique way of responding to stress and fluctuations in emotions. The key to success in tournament poker is being able to read these emotional responses and respond in an appropriate way.

6. Not stealing or defending blinds

In tournament poker, stealing is not a bad thing. You need to know when to steal the blind or defend it. This becomes even more important as the game progresses. The value of the blind keeps increasing, and if you can make your moves, you will get left behind. Loose-aggressive players do this naturally and thus have the upper hand. If by nature, you are a tight player, you will have to learn how to change your playing style during a tournament.

7. Not being able to adapt to the situation

In a tournament adapting to the situation and changing your gears are very important things. The pros of tournament poker will attest to this fact. This is the only way to ensure your success when it comes to poker tournaments.

8. Playing in a tournament just to survive

This is a frequently seen mistake at the tournaments online. Players often try to survive and move up. This is not always incorrect but, in most cases, when you have a healthy chip stack, you should play to win and not just to survive.

When players get into this survival mode, they play on the defensive. This not only ends up in a bad outcome for the particular tournament but also inculcates some dangerous and harmful habits in the long run.

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