Interesting Facts About Carrom Game

Last updated on : 03 Oct, 2023

Interesting Facts About Carrom Game

Information and Facts on Carrom

A game that has been very familiar with us since childhood days, Sunday outings, picnics, birthday parties; Carrom game was always an essential part of our lives. Gathering friends, booking a seat, powdering the board & assembling the coins on it, was just too much fun, wasn’t it?

Pocketing the queen and the cover was one of the most tasking affairs in the carrom board game.

But, with the advent in technology, the offline carrom board game has been replaced by the online version wherein one can now play on their mobile phones & tablets.

The carrom game is now available on your phones and tablets as you can play anywhere and anytime. The game offers more than mere entertainment as one can even win real money.

But with so many new entrants in the real gaming world, it has taken away the attention from the carrom board game. Some would argue that carrom is on the verge of losing its identity!

Following are 5 interesting facts about the carrom board game that you should know

1) Carrom has its own ‘DAY’

Yes, just like any other days you see on Google these days, Carrom game has one too! International day of carrom is celebrated on 23rd of August.

In a country which has been dominated by the cricket, tennis, football and other outfield sports, carrom board game are usually off from the media spectacle.

Carrom game is an indoor based game & despite that, it remains one of the popular online sports. But very few know that carrom tournaments and series are too organised across India and the world too!

But the lack of viewership and audience gives it a big thumbs down. However, with its very own international in the calendar, there’s no doubt that one day carrom game could become one of the most followed and televised board game ever.

2) Carrom board game variants

A layman would only know carrom games got a certain set of rules and regulations whilst playing on the offline board. However, one would be in a state of surprise that carrom too has got its variants – six of them!

Yes, Six of the best variants fall under carrom board game that has been classified by the ICF (International Carrom Federation) who have set their rules.

Here are the variants –

  • Total Point
  • Family Point
  • Point
  • Duboo
  • Professional
  • Tokyu-Ban

The above carrom variations have their unique backlog & rules to follow whilst playing them.

3) India’s where Carrom was born

India has seen rise to many sports and games that have gone to become famous internationally. One such game is Carrom which has gained worldwide status.

It is known by many names like Carrum, Karom, Couronne, Karam, Karum etc. amongst many. Very few know that India’s the birthplace of carrom board game.

Some critics believe it was Sri Lanka. Though its origin roots are still not clear, mostly believe it’s Asia or India.

Though, the basic rules that we came to know till today, were brought together in 1988. Carrom was a fun game until people made it as a competition.

The ICF even organises tourneys and events for carrom board games.

4) Indian Carrom Superstars

India has seen many stars and superstars in the field of cricket, tennis, football etc. Even Chess has its own stars like V Anand amongst others.

But did you know that carrom too had its own star players? India has many star carrom board players like Maria Irudayam, Kajal Kumari, S Ilavazhagi, B Radhakrishnan, S Dillu, A Appa Roa, Suhas Kambil & B Arokiaraj.

Amongst them is Maria who is based out in Chennai & has won plaudits in the field of carrom on the national and international stage.

In 1996, Indian government recognised his efforts in the field of carrom and awarded him the coveted Arjuna Award. Maria is a 2x World Championship and 9x National Carrom championship winner.

5) Carrom board made from Glass!

Most of us are very familiar with the classic board of carrom. It’s a wooden piece that has black and red lines drawn on the playing surface. The coins are black and brown with a queen in pink.

But did you know there was glass surface carrom board? Well, not to be surprised it is in India, wherein in Patiala there’s a carrom board made from pure glass.

This is because after the World War I, locals use to play on this board.


With so many interesting facts and stories about carrom board game, there’s a time when it will be announced as an official entry to the Olympics or the Common Wealth Games!

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