How to take advantage of hand combinations to win big

Last updated on : 01 Jan, 1970

How to take advantage of hand combinations to win big

Players who are a pro with good amount of experience understand and play their hands so well that they now know when to draw and which hand will help them win big. Adapting these tactics will not only give you a chance to win a lot of money but also make you one of the most wanted players in the market.

Here are the tips to help you take the advantage at the right time:

Initial hand combinations:

There are a lot of combinations of all hands that has to be dealt with. It is preferable to deal on an off-suit rather than suited counterpart to make the game even more valuable. Starting with a suited hand gives you a chance to beat your defender and win. The number of hands in the range is displayed under the slider bar, in case, you want to check the range that has 74 combinations.

Top pair combinations:

Making a hand you want to become difficult if the card you need is placed on the table. Which is why making top pair is not a good proposition for many ranges. On this board, if a person has 20 combos of top pair, he might have 32 combos of no pair. Making use of this method can help you make better decisions.

Flush draws combination:

In this type of a combination, the range might have a diamond flush draw with 9 combos of the 93 hands. Considering that the T is a diamond, this range will make a flush draw a bit less often than otherwise. If the two lower cards are diamonds, there would be extra 5 combination of flush draws getting you a total of 14 combinations.

Combination of sets:

One of the reasons of sets getting valuable is because of how they are to occur. Knowing how difficult it is to have a set in a combo is very useful when you have the best pair against someone who keeps repeating his techniques. If we bet $80 into $100 and the opponent bets for $250, you'd need equity to call based on our pot odds.

Range balancing:

It is not always necessary to use combinations to balance our range. A normal range has 98 combinations out of which bluffing range are of 49 combinations in order to keep the balance. Remember, if your hand is able to block quite a few combinations in your defender's call range and holds little value, it is probably a good hand to include in your bluffing game.

These combinations can help you earn big if played well. Make it a point to take the right move at the right time and it can definitely ensure a win! So, what are you waiting for?

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