This is How you Play Reverse Hold’em Poker

Last updated on : 18 Jun, 2024

Reverse Hold’em Poker

The reverse hold’em game introduced to poker is a classic example of how creative the players can be at the table. One aspect of poker that has remained a constant for generations is how much this game is able to evolve and adapt. The thrill and excitement of poker never gets old. Having something on the line and striving to win even more is a feeling that has kept this game relevant for countless decades. Poker players are genuinely addicted to the game of cards in a way, and the constant additions in variations only help the cause.

With the massive number of game types and formats, there truly is something for everyone. Ever since online poker has taken over, this development of poker’s new and innovative concepts has gone onto another level. Reverse Hold’em is the creation of one such poker idea that someone probably came up with, and now it is a real thing. For those entirely new to poker, this might seem overwhelming. However, players familiar with poker games like Texas Hold’em would find reverse Hold’em to be fairly similar. With that being said, let’s try and understand this format better.

What is reverse Hold’em Exactly?

As the name rightfully suggests, reverse Hold’em is just that – it is Texas Hold’em played in reverse. The community cards are dealt with in reverse order; everything else is practically the same. You are dealt with two hole cards, the small and big blinds are in place, and the betting rounds, as well as hand rankings are exactly the same as regular Hold’em. The only change here is in how the community cards are dealt.  

Contrary to what you would see in regular Hold’em games where cards are dealt as three on the flop and one each at the turn and river, in reverse Hold’em the cards are dealt as one on the flop and turn and three at the river. There is a higher use of mathematics and planned strategies in this variation since you are allowed to see only one card at the flop and turn. You don’t have the foundation to judge what you will draw or what your opponent holds until the last three cards have been revealed.

Also, because of the fact that most of the cards are shown towards the end of the game, this will require you to make decisions accordingly while betting. For someone new to poker, this might be an easier mindset to pick up. As per those who are well-versed with regular Hold’em, this might prove to be outside the norm to them where they might have to rewire their thought process consciously. Reverse Hold’em offers a different twist to how usual poker players would perceive their game plan. This makes it a good mental workout. It is something different to try, and it is just as fun as it is rewarding.  

Reverse Texas Hold’em Rules:

  • Two-hole cards dealt face-down, to begin with.
  • Players must make use of the two-hole cards and five community cards to make the best five-card poker hand.
  • After the dealing of hole cards, the first betting round begins and commences with all players, either calling or folding.
  • After the first betting round, a single community card is revealed as the flop. 
  • The second round of betting occurs similarly to the first. 
  • Another single card is revealed as the turn. 
  • The third betting round begins. 
  • Three community cards are revealed as the river. 
  • The final betting round is held. 
  • The remaining players proceed to the showdown. 
  • The player with the best five-card poker hand wins.  

Reverse Texas Hold’em Betting Structure

Reverse Texas Hold’em can follow either of the betting structures that regular Hold’em makes use of. This consists of pot limit, fixed limit, spread limit, and no limit. Fixed limit is the more popular format in this variation. In the case of a fixed limit game, bets and raises in the initial two betting rounds must be made in a rising manner when compared to the lower end of the limit. Similarly, the higher number is used to decide on the minimum bets and raises to be accepted in the final two betting rounds.

And that was all you needed to know about reverse Hold’em, a fun and exciting poker variant that would challenge your abilities and force you to think differently. If you think you have what it takes, then do give it a shot and see for yourself how unique it is. For those just getting started and looking for free poker games for practice, you could always login to our website and play freeroll poker tournaments on Spartan Poker. Once you feel confident, don’t budge from playing real money poker games. Stay tuned with our website and blogs for regular poker-related articles and insights.

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