Time to Earn Some Extra Money on Weekends - Learn How

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Let's face it, most of the people play online poker to earn some money. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, earning some extra money in online poker isn't easy these days. You need to be extremely disciplined, hard-working, have the right strategy, comfortable bankroll, good table selection, tilt control, and so on to achieve this goal. But, at the end of the day, this is not the answer most people want to hear. So, let's get right to it and learn how to earn some extra money on weekends by playing Teen Patti.

1. Play Low Stakes Cash Games

Low stakes games are the best place for people to start playing online poker and turn in a consistent profit. It is difficult in today's Teen Patti games, the reason being that the games have tightened up in the last couple years and this means that win rates have dropped as well. But, it is always a good idea to play low stakes cash games if you are looking to make some extra cash.

2. Play a Tight and Aggressive Strategy

Now, let's talk strategy.How should you play your cards? The best strategy at Teen Patti is often called TAG (Tight and Aggressive). This style of playing is recommended for making the most money in low stakes cash games.

A TAG online poker strategy essentially means:-

  • You have to be very selective which hands you choose to play.
  • You have to pay close attention to your position at the tables while deciding which hands to play and which to fold.
  • You have to play your hand very aggressively after the flop.

3. Find the Tables With the Fish on Them

Another important thing that you are going to have to do in order to successfully make some profit is table selection. At the very lowest stakes, you can still get away with playing on any table you want. But, once you start to raise the bar, there is no guarantee that there will be even a single fish at your tables. This is a big problem if you want to make some significant profit in online poker. This is because the really bad player calls way too much and chase every draw where the real money is at, but they play at the low stake tables. If you are not making a consistent effort to play in online games with them then you can expect a very small win rate, at best. So, play on easier online poker sites for starters and then learn how to spot the fish, tag them, and attract them to your table.

Final Thoughts

Is it possible to make significant money playing online poker? Yes, but you are going to have to learn some advanced poker strategies and make sure you are selecting the tables carefully. Furthermore, in order to make some extra money, you require consistent play. You can even play online poker for a few hours on the weekends and make this happen. But, if you are a part-time poker player, you are going to need to play higher stakes games. That can slow down your win rate and decrease your profit margin, but that is the only option you have got. So, work on these tips and develop a strategy if you want to successfully earn some extra money in Teen Patti or any other online poker format.


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