Killing time may or may not come naturally to you; in the latter case, you may require outside assistance. Online games are one of the best pastime activities for many people, and they not only keep you entertained, but their associated benefits also ensure a positive frame of mind. Internet is host to fun games to play for adults, some of which even offer cash rewards to winners.

As far as gaming genres go, options such as role-playing, shooters, sports, action-adventure, a multiplayer online battle arena, and strategy, to name a few, are at your disposal.

Developers of these games constantly create new genres and sub-genres that you can easily access. Some games also comprise story mode wherein you can gradually develop your character by completing in-game challenges.

Many gamers frequent multiplayer arenas, as they not only cater to their entertainment wants but also present a chance to display their game-playing prowess. Among sports games, you can opt for a more tactical game like chess or go down the strategy path and try your hands at card games like Poker and Rummy.

There are numerous health benefits to playing online games for adults. Adult life is not the easiest as it is and you should take advantage of any and all available resources to help you course through seamlessly:

  • By playing a game of your preferred choice, you get the satisfaction of doing something you like.
  • A thinking game can stimulate your mind in ways you never imagined it could. Playing games with your partner or close family members can improve relationships.
  • If you choose to play a game that offers cash rewards, you get to make money on the side.

Read through to learn about different games you can play online and compete against other players while reaping health benefits.

1. Poker Games

Live Poker tournaments are a great way to make cash. Online gaming portals are often teeming with players from around the world competing for the “pot”. A pot contains the bet amounts from players at the Poker table.

This card game is played across different rounds during which all players must try to build the best 5-card hand. Texas Hold 'em and Omaha are the two most popular Poker variants you can play online.

Although Poker’s rules might give an early impression that it is a game of chance, the notion is further from the truth. You need to have good skills to master its craft.

2. Rummy:

Rummy offers its players numerous variants to compete in, including the likes of 13 Card Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, Gin Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, etc. Played between 2-6 players, your objective in this game is to form sets and sequences using the cards in hand.

A prerequisite to contest for the prize is that you must have at least one valid sequence. Remember that there is a point system for players who do not win the rounds and are left holding a few unmatched cards. 

Where Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards have 10 points, other cards carry their face value. In order to not have too many points against your name, ensure that you quickly get rid of high value cards.

3. Call Break

Call Break is a trick-taking card game played between 4 players. It uses a standard deck of 52 cards, but with no Jokers, and is played across five rounds.

However, before the rounds begin, all players must place bids on how many tricks they can secure; the bid can be anywhere between 1 and 13.

It is essential to match or exceed the number of tricks you commit to because if you fail, there are penalties in place in the form of negative points. A highly strategic card game, Call Break guarantees to keep you entertained throughout.

4. Solitaire:

When you think of Solitaire, the thought of it being a single player game immediately comes to mind. However, online portals pit players against one another, turning it into a competition.

The rules in this version of Solitaire are the same, but require you to move all the cards to the foundations in ascending order before your opponent does. Like many card games, Solitaire involves strategic gameplay to finish the game quicker than your adversary.

You are bound to feel nostalgic if Solitaire was something that you played in your childhood days.

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5. UNO Card Game:

Another multiplayer card game that you can play online is UNO. It is unlike any other card game and the first thing that you will notice is that it does not use a standard deck of cards, but customised ones.

It can have 2-10 participants with everyone receiving 7 cards each. The game's objective is to get rid of all your cards before other players. UNO is fast-paced, strategic, and its outcome is highly unpredictable, making it fun to play.

6. Fantasy Cricket

Since its inception, Fantasy Cricket has taken the gaming industry by storm by receiving millions of players every day during peak seasons such as Cricket World Cup and the Indian T20 League.

In a cricket-loving nation such as India, fantasy cricket is an opportunity to depict your skills and put your knowledge to the test by creating the best possible Playing XI.

It is a million-dollar industry with new online portals making their presence felt every year before the commencement of a season. Besides making quick bucks, it is also a great opportunity to build your online reputation.

7. Carrom Game:

Carrom is one of the fun games to play for adults in India. It is popular in many regions of South Asia with many clubs hosting occasional contests for the interested. Thanks to the Internet, you can now play carrom online, competing against players of varied skill sets.

It is analytical and requires a high focus with steady hands and good aim to pocket the coins. Depending on the portal, you can play the game for money or free.

Nevertheless, if you are good at it, you can take pride in beating your opponents and even cherish the occasional close games.

8. Fruit Cutting Game:

If you are quick with your fingers then Fruit Cutting Game is for you. Using your fingers, you must slice as many fruits as possible that appear on your screen. It requires concentration at your end and swift movement of your fingers.

You compete against an opponent and earn points for every fruit you slice. Remember that the first player to miss out on cutting 3 fruits loses.

9. Ludo

Ludo is another board game from the ancient days that you can play online today. Played using a die, players must roll it and move their respective token accordingly, gradually making their way to the ‘Home’ column.

Like other games on this list, Ludo incorporates strategical manoeuvering of the tokens from the starting position up until Home.

10. Chess:

Chess is one of the world's oldest and arguably most strategic board games. It is played between two players, who take alternative turns to move their black and white pieces on the board to capture the opponent’s King piece.

There are in-game terminologies with the most important one being “checkmate” which concludes the game. Chess comprises the following pieces – one King, one Queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.

11. 8 Ball Pool:

8 Ball Pool is a pool billiards variation played using a cue stick to hit the cue ball to pocket 15 object balls classified as solids and stripes. Object balls are numbered from 1 to 15 with one player pocketing balls 1 through 7 and the other targeting balls 9 to 15.

A player must pocket the 8 ball only after collecting their respective design object balls. If they pocket it prematurely, the other player is declared as the winner.

How Adults Can Benefit from Free Online Games?

The benefits of free online games for children have been extensively covered, but did you know that you, too, can reap benefits through the best free online games for adults?

This can come in the form of the best online games for adults, as you can find new options and games from your childhood to help you relive the golden days.

Here are some other benefits that you, as an adult, can get through free online games –

  • Online games are known stressbusters that help release endorphins and other cheerful chemicals
  • Most online games are designed to challenge the player, meaning you end up formulating different strategies to get out of the toughest in-game situations
  • Stressing more on cognitive benefits, puzzle games, especially, can facilitate improved functioning of the brain
  • Gaming teaches you to be active at all times, and as a result, your productivity in personal as well as professional life increases
  • When you play online games for adults at home, you experience improved relations with the members of your family


In today’s Internet savvy times, finding the right game to play is much easier. Moreover, games that trigger nostalgia can benefit in some shape and form.

If you are willing to jump on this bandwagon, downloading a mobile application like Spartan Poker is advisable, as it has some of the best poker cash games, present and past, through which children and adults can benefit greatly.

With high quality graphics and a chance to earn money, you will surely cherish this gaming experience.