The video gaming industry is seeing tremendous boom in the past few years especially in a country like India. As the country sees a massive spike in the mobile phone and tablet sales, e-gaming market has grown side-by-side too!

This has given rise to many e-gaming platforms that has made the market even bigger and better. Mostly start-ups have launched new games that allows people to play with their friends and peers & the advantage of winning real money too! 

However, gamers these days have had a lot of options to play with - single and multiplayer mode. Games these days come with single and multiplayer options & the debate always remains as to which one is the ideal one?

While some prefer the single mode, on the other hand some players prefer playing multiplayer mode games.

Single Vs. Multiplayer Games

1. Single player mode

As the name goes, single-player games are solo player games that allows only single player to play a certain game. Be it any genre, for e.g., puzzle, arcade, action, puzzle etc. In single games, player gets to understand the game's style as well as its uniqueness.

When you play these games, you get to understand the game's theme, gameplay, surrounding and also live yourself with the character in the virtual world.

Another facet of the single player games is that when it comes to action games, you become the 'hero' of the game. So, when you play a single-player game, you not only live as the character but also shine in the limelight despite losing.

Also, many single-player games have quests like journeys and voyages to destroy the enemy, survive apocalypses, and win challenges on each level.

Unlike in multiplayer, you don’t have to wait for others to direct you. As single players, you can always rely on the forums for help, but ultimately, you’re the hero of your game.

Also, there are many popular single-player games that carry out quests and targets to complete. Games like God Of War, Zombie games, etc have voyages & challenges that allow you to destroy the enemy & win the challenge at each level you play.

Unlike in multiplayer mode, here you do not have someone to guide or instruct you. Here you rely on yourself & if you win, you're the hero and if you lose, you go again!

2. Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer games are 2 or more player games that allow you to have your friends/peers join in the fun too! These games give you a social as well as a telling experience which leads you to getting hooked on to the game.

In these games, you are not 'hero' but your friends join in the fun too as they instruct you to play ahead. So, if your friends make a damning error, it will be not only costly but also lose out on the gaming front.

Multiplayer games are on the rise these days with new and advanced games hitting the market. Gamers love the features, gameplay as well as the graphics that go with it.

The other added advantage of multiplayer games is that you can chat with your friends whilst playing too! This way you can discuss strategies, plans, etc without missing out on your live-gaming feature.

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PlayStation, Xbox etc allow you to chat with new people across the globe and this is why so many people love playing multiplayer games. Chatting, discussing, creating a social life etc are one of the many facets that are available with multiplayer games.

Also, many games even get advanced at particular points, with many updates and new events planned up. Games like Fortnite and Star Wars allow fans to participate in global events and also take home rewards.

Multiplayer games also consist of in-build tourneys and events that allow users to participate via online mode. Playing them allow one to enjoy as well as meet gamers from across the zone. At times, multiplayer games can be more competitive given the sheer quality, but this is where it's more fascinating.

The likes of War Craft, GTA, Call Of Duty etc are one of the many popular multiplayer games that one can play & enjoy. 


At the end, single player as well as multiplayer games are about entertainment and absorbing the fun element associated with it. There have been moments where gamers have been so immersed in it, they do not move from the couch for days or weeks!

Online games are played for excitement as well as fun on both console and mobile phones. Single or multiplayer games is merely on the gamer alone to pick. If he/she wants to play single or an action-packed multiplayer, it's their personal call altogether.

With many multiplayer games on the rise, single mode games are not diminishing but their popularity could take a hit if they do not announce better features, game modules and graphic enhancement.

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