One tournament series that has left all the players belonging to the Indian Poker Circuit upbeat since its arrival to the online poker landscape and has always motivated them to achieve their largest online scores is none other than India's most-premium online poker series where only the elites of poker rub shoulders — The Final Table Series and it’s back with its all-new 6th Edition featuring a colossal prize-pool of 24 CRORE Guaranteed.

Let us tell you how FTS 6.0 is different from others:

1. With a staggering lineup of 59 trailblazing multi-table tournaments scheduled for 10 days, it’s going to be a sure shot bloodbath i.e., a poker game that is truly beyond limits.

2. There are 59 Medallions in this poker tournament, up for the taking with prestige, honor and pride all to play for.

3. The FT Leaderboard is worth 50 LAKH wherein every player that makes it to the final tables of FTS tournaments will earn leaderboard points with the aim of finishing among the top 10 paid places.

4. Take down FTS Main – Game of Diamonds and win from 2 Crore GTD + a lustrous diamond studded gold emblazoned medallion.

5. Poker rules your ultimate Vegas experience | Qualify and take down the Master Table and win an all-expense paid trip to the fabulous Las Vegas.

So, come. Join us from 2nd March - 12th March, ‘23 to enjoy the most exquisite and elite tournament in the world of poker!