Dominating in 3-bet pots is a way to make big cash. Let us understand the meaning of 3-bet pots and then learn five easy ways to dominate in 3-bet pots.


What Is 3-Bet in Poker?

3-bet in poker is a situation when a player bets, raises, and re-raises. This is done to scare away your opponents and take home cash prizes before the showdown happens.


Five easy Ways to Dominate In 3-Bet Pots

  1. Target Weaker Opponents First

The first 3-bet strategy is to play against weaker opponents. It is easy to spot the weak players. They fold a lot and are afraid to bet if their hand is not so good. Try watching the behavior of such players and come up with an eliminating strategy. Usually, limpers fold most of their not-so-good and 4-bet only if their hand is extraordinary. This makes their gameplay predictable. You can play against such players and make the easier for you.

Important Note: This 3-bet strategy is not for the long run. You can only do this in a game or two or else even your gameplay will become predictable.


  1. Maintain Balance in Your Gameplay

The above note already explained the importance of a balanced play. 3-bet pots are challenging, and a good amount of money is put to risk as there is a bet, raise, and re-raise. Remember to maintain the right balance to win 3-bet pots and do not make predictable bets. Make a bet if your hand is decent and even when it is not so decent to avoid becoming a predictable player.


  1. Take Advantage of Your Position

Your position in a 3-bet pot is important. When you are in a good position, it becomes easier to dominate the game. This is because a good position on the table saves you from a lot of scrutinies. On the other hand, you can also watch the actions of your opponents and exploit the weaknesses from a good position.


  1. Fold More When You Are Out of Position in the Flop Round

A 3-bet strategy when you are the player who is out of position, fold more hands. Your opponent who is playing from a good position will take advantage of your out-of-position gameplay. They will keep try exploiting you and play against you.

For example, let us say you have a pair ?10 ?10 in out of position and flop opens with spades of A-J-7. If your opponent bets 1/3rd of pot size, then you can fold the hand and play the next game. Playing from out of position puts a lot of risk on your money, especially if good community cards open in the flop.


  1. Make an aggressive bet if you get Ace or King in the Turn Round

Scare of other opponents if Ace or King opens in the turn. Let us say the flop had 5-8-J and Ace opens in the turn round. Make an aggressive bet so that your opponents get intimidated and make them fold the 3 bet pot.

Hope you understand the five ways to rock 3 bet in poker. Keep playing more online poker games and execute these strategies to check what works best for you.