Have you started your poker journey with cash games? Haven’t played the tournaments yet or have just started playing them? In either case, do remember that big money lies towards the final stages of the tournament, especially the final table. So, your aim must be to be amongst the top three places, where you can make big money using appropriate final table strategies. In short, you have to play to win poker tournaments. It won’t be easy, but once you reach the final table being in one of the top three places, you would have plenty of opportunities to make good money as even the pay jumps are quite high at this stage.

You have to prepare for the final table in advance. Be ready with your tactics to deal with opponents at such final stages of the poker tournaments. Check out the below final poker table strategies to ensure you maximize your winnings.

Know Your Opponents Well

If you are well informed of your opponents once you reach the final table, you will hold a significant edge. Use this final table strategy to your advantage while you analyze your opponents properly by the time you reach the final three tables. You need to identify their playing style in terms of whether they are tight, aggressive or bluff-kind of players. At the same time, you want to know about their bet sizes so you can anticipate the kind of bets/raises that can be placed by them at the final table. Once you are well versed with your final table opponents, you can make the right moves that will give you better chances of emerging as the tournament winner.

Play According to the Stack Sizes

One of the key final table strategies is to ensure you play smartly as per the stack sizes of players at the final table and also your own stack size. If you have played any poker tournaments earlier, you would have noticed that players bet according to their stack size. So, knowing their stack size will help you a great deal. For example, a player with a big stack size is likely to go over aggressive and raise with weak hands as well so that the fishes can get bullies easily. On the other hand, a player holding a medium stack is more likely to call the pot and go for a raise majorly with strong poker hands to enhance his / her chances of winning.

It is the question of survival for players with a small stack. Such final table players are likely to prefer going all-in with medium hands to give them a chance to build their bankroll.

Similarly, you need to be wary about your own stack size and play accordingly. You might want to surprise your opponents with a couple of moves since some of them also would be anticipating your moves by keeping a watch on your stack size.

Keep A Watch on Intentions of Your Opponents

Once you reach the final table, you have all kinds of players with different objectives at the finish line. Some players might be playing to gain the top spot for that poker tournament, while some might be playing for the money so as to increase their bankroll. If you are up against someone who is aiming the first position, you need to be careful with him/her and opt for bigger bets only with really strong hands. At the same time, you can play more hands against opponents who are not keen on finishing as the winner but are only aiming to make good money at the final table. Clearly, your final table strategies need to vary, keeping all these pointers in mind.

Consider Deal Making as an Option

While it is good to have ambitions of becoming the tournament winner, one of the key final table strategies is to keep a check on your stack size as discussed earlier. If you have a lower stack, you would not want to erase your bankroll and instead focus on building it. Under such a scenario, your best option would be to get some prize money. And making a deal will help you to achieve the same. When you want to negotiate a deal, you agree to share the prize money. This is all about being realistic and playing to the situation. If you build your bankroll, you will get chances in future to go for the win.

Master the Art of Heads-up Play

If you intend to emerge as the poker tournament winner, you are likely to indulge in heads-up play with a strong opponent at some stage. And it is difficult for you to tackle this type of a game situation, especially if you are only used to playing on 6-max or 9-max poker tables. Hence, one of your key final table strategies will be to go well-prepared for the heads-up challenge that awaits you at the final table. You need to practice this heads-up poker scenario quite a lot to gain the confidence to execute your skills in real-time.

Capitalizing on Mistakes of Opponents

Remember, the final table is where everyone wants to be at their best. And this expectation could result in players putting undue pressure on themselves. In such a high-pressure situation where a lot of money is at stake, it is natural for players to commit some errors. All you have to do is pounce on these errors by your opponents. You might also have to force some errors from other players by taking a little more risks than usual. Remember, it is all about who blinks first. The smarter you are in creating situations where opponents can err, the greater will be your chances of succeeding.

The Verdict

The above-mentioned pointers are some of the best final poker table tips that can help you to win poker tournaments consistently. These cannot be implemented with ease, and you need a lot of practice to master these final table strategies. You can start your practice today by playing online tournaments on poker apps like Spartan Poker. Download the online poker app now!