Pot Limit Omaha Poker (PLO) has been around for decades, gaining recognition globally alongside the likes of poker games like Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em. In fact, the striking resemblance of Texas Hold’em and Omaha is one of the primary reasons for most poker players to go back and forth between both games. As players are more accustomed to the No Limit variant of Texas Hold’em, so are Omaha players familiar with Omaha’s Pot Limit format. This brings us to the selling-point of poker having multiple variations where each variant can be played in various formats. Allowing such variety provides for more options where players can enjoy the game of cards in the mannerism that they find best.

Naturally, picking your favorite poker variant gives you the edge when competing in big-money tournaments and cash games. You have ample practice, and hence, experience with the same. For most beginners, Texas Hold’em is the way to go given its wholesome poker experience that you ought to learn as a novice player. For those who have a better understanding of the game, opting for Pot Limit Omaha would be a good suggestion given how similar it is to Texas Hold’em while still being practically more challenging. That being established, let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should be learning Pot Limit Omaha.

- A Calculative Alternative to Hold’em

One of the major reasons for most players to try a hand at PLO is how closely similar it is to Texas Hold’em. Here too, you have hole cards and community cards to make the best five-card poker hand to win the game. In Pot Limit Omaha, you are just as concerned with your pre-flop strategy and starting hands as you would be in a game of Hold’em.

Both games share the idea of having a small blind and big blind as forced bets while also emphasizing on flush draws and straight draws to the nuts. Omaha’s only difference is that you have four instead of two hole cards, which allows you to think even more with your calculations because of the many possible outcomes. So, top sets and double suited cards are important in Pot Limit Omaha as well, but since the name of the variant is ‘Pot Limit Omaha’ your maximum bet must be in accord to the size of the pot.

- Hub for Fishes

As a poker player, you’re constantly on the hunt to find ‘fishes’ - a term in poker used to refer to amateur and recreational players. A fish player is not someone who is serious about the game. These players tend to play low stakes games and are happy with small winnings because they lack the skill necessary to win at the big leagues. However, with the rising popularity of Texas Hold’em, the game’s quality has improved, and so even the average player is sure to outmatch a fish. This has led to a drop in the number of casual players as their attention has now shifted towards Pot Limit Omaha.

The additional two-hole cards in Omaha make it difficult for anyone to perfect, especially after playing a lifetime of Hold’em. These two cards completely change the game dynamics in terms of outcomes and probabilities, where you’ll have to develop a Pot Limit Omaha strategy to help you make the best of poker hands. However, fishes don’t spend as much time in readjusting their game. They lack strategic thinking and go as per their instincts with no planning. Therefore, if you find a player making random moves in a game of Pot Limit Omaha, go after them and get them frustrated to the point that they tilt and capture the pot for yourself.

- Gaining Popularity

Poker variants survive on how popular they are in a given place and a specific time. We all know that Texas Hold’em happens to be the most popular game of cards in the world, and it has a good enough reason to be that way. Particularly amidst novice poker players, this has to be the variation they master before touching any other poker game type. The reason is simple - Texas Hold’em provides a complete and all-round poker experience where you learn about opening hands, betting patterns, hole and community cards, basic strategies, the art of making the right poker action, and so much more.

In that regard, it is fairly easy while still attracting experienced players because it is the ultimate poker game. For those hunting for a more challenging version, PLO games are where you must be. In fact, globally, PLO tournaments and cash games are going almost neck and neck with No Limit Hold’em. The varied hole cards and the difference in betting structures have increased Omaha players’ potential and scope. So, if you want to make serious money off poker, PLO is waiting at the table.

In Conclusion

Poker games will continue to evolve, and more variations will come through in the future just as they did in the past. However, the idea of you picking one and polishing it is still the same. If you’re a regular poker player and if this article evoked an interest in trying your hand at a game of PLO, don’t hesitate to download the official Spartan Poker app. Through this application, you can play your favorite poker games anywhere and anytime in the safest way possible.