Benefits of Everyday Health- Mental & Physical

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

By now all of us must have realized how important our bodies are. While we fight a deadly virus we must do everything to create immunity within ourselves and stay physically fit. Let’s also not forget that our minds and those positive thoughts in it are equally important to get us through these difficult times. Till now we might have dismissed or even neglected a healthy living philosophy but it’s time we consider the benefits of it.

Everyday health simply means maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes conscious eating and some form of physical exercise. We must look at everyday health as a resource that enables an individual to serve his/her purpose in society at large. It’s important to remember that physical health also includes mental health. The relationship between mental health and physical health becomes evident in the area of chronic conditions. Therefore both physical and mental health practices on an everyday basis are important for our well-being. Here are certain benefits of everyday health, both physical as well as mental.

Boosts Energy

While everyday household chores may have you exhausted, everyday health practices like regular physical exercise will develop your physical endurance and you will be able to do more strenuous activities with ease. Over time your energy levels will improve too.

Promotes Sleep

Insomnia has become a common issue with people nowadays. Regular hydration, healthy and timely eating, along with physical exercise and meditation prove to be an effective remedy. Such practices on an everyday basis provide long term benefits and cure.

Regulates Weight

While obesity has been established as a silent killer leading to hypertension, diabetes and other such diseases. Being under-weight also seems to be an issue with many. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are linked with mental disorders that can be rectified with regular yoga and meditation. Yoga as an effective means of practising everyday health is correlated to both mental and physical benefits worldwide.

Improves Productivity

One of the many reasons we feel lethargic is because there isn’t blood circulation in the body. Everyday health includes activities like walking to the grocery stores, taking the stairs while climbing up instead of the lift, walking around the house while on a long call. This will ensure you have enough blood flowing in you making you feel more active eventually.

Controls Stress

Stress can’t be avoided, but it can be controlled. Deep breathing techniques, drinking enough water throughout the day, eating a balanced diet and meditation are a few ways that can help you feel less stressed.

A way of life

Everyday health doesn’t necessarily entail a highly regimented fitness routine. What is essential is maintaining the right calorie balance. For me personally since my work-out routine was impacted due to lockdown I reduced my calorie intake by avoiding foods with a high glycemic index. However I increased my protein intake to make my diet more wholesome. It is important to control cravings as well. If you crave a snack gorge on fresh fruits and nuts instead of biscuits or packaged foods. These practices make everyday health a way of life.

Below is an example of my current diet -

7:30am – Waking up and having green tea

10am – Protein Smoothie

1:30 pm – Lunch (Green salad)

5pm – Black coffee

8pm – Chicken soup

Overall Everyday health ensures that you feel good from inside and out. However, consulting a doctor/nutritionist or health coach is necessary to ensure optimal results for your body.

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