Best Hand Combinations in Poker

If you are wondering about which poker card sequences make the best hands in poker, then you are heading the right direction. Every game that you see, or play has a specific set of rules to follow. Every game has a pattern to follow to win, and poker is no exception to this rule. Poker is shrouded with such strategies, that winning a game at the table is not one-dimensional at the least. There are multiple ways with which you can attain the pot.

Since every player has a unique approach and thought process, the way they bet and the movement they portray towards victory may widely vary from anyone else at the table for the same game. No two poker players are entirely identical in their playing styles. However, if there is one common ground that holds them all together, big poker players or small, then that is the concept of having the best poker hands order. Having the right poker hand sequence is the only way to ultimately ace at poker. From start to end, you will witness a hunt between players to find the perfect poker hands order.

What does Poker Hand Order even mean?

By ‘Poker Hand Order’ or ‘Poker Card Rankings,’ we primarily mean the five-card poker hand combination that you hold by the end of the game. It is these poker sequences that act as the deal sealer. Even though it is not in your will to control the cards you are dealt with, by following simple poker hand rules, you can create a potent combination that can aid you in being victorious.

There is cleverness and planning involved in both making and using these poker rankings. However, keeping it simple is also a way forward. Because your entire game plan depends on the combination of cards you hold, it is particularly advised to beginners that they stick to playing poker the Abc way. In this simple strategy, you bet and call when it is affordable, raise when the risk is worth taking and fold when you find yourself in a doubtful situation.

As elementary as this may seem, it can be played with the marginal risk of being exploited because advanced players are able to recognize this style. However, that depends on the skill level you are at and the type of opponents you are up against. Nevertheless, be it live poker or online poker for that matter, it all boils down to having the poker hands order that fits the play at the table.

Poker Hand Rankings from Best to Worst

With its unpredictable nature and non-linear playing style, there are up to 169 different combinations that you can be dealt with as part of your starting cards. The hole cards that you are dealt with are beyond your control. However, the way you use them definitely shows much about your skill level to your opponents.

Whether you are a novice player who is still learning how to play poker, or whether you are someone who has been playing regularly and wishes to polish your game, this blog will help both of you equally. The list below demonstrates the best possible five-card poker hand rankings that you can hold.

Royal Flush

The most popular poker hand ranking and the rarest of them all – the Royal Flush is formed while holding an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack and a Ten all from the same suit. This is the best poker hand combination one could ever have as it beats all other hands.

Straight Flush

The Straight Flush is a combination of holding consecutive cards such as 2,3,4,5 and 6, all of which must belong to the same suit. In case of a tie between two players holding straight flushes, the one having a higher denomination wins the clash.

Four of a Kind

You can form a Four of a Kind if you possess four cards of the same rank. For example, holding four aces is a Four of a Kind scenario.

Full House

Full houses are a combination of two other poker hand rankings. This sequence is formed when holding three cards of the same rank, and two separate cards of the same rank.


A Flush is a combination of 5 different cards held by a player from different suits.

Three of a Kind

Similar to the Four of a Kind, here, you must have three cards belonging to the same rank.

Two Pair

Two pairs are a result of having two cards of the same rank, and two other cards of the same rank.

One Pair

Similar to Two Pairs, in One Pair, you hold two cards of the same rank, and the remaining three could be of any other value.

High Card

The least favourable hand combination of them all, a High Card, is formed when your poker hand does not match with any other of the above-mentioned sequences. Therefore, you call the highest-ranking card in your lot as the high card.

Pocket Kings and Aces

Pocket pairs like Kings and Aces are considered to be the holy grail of starting hands in poker. The importance of being dealt with strong hole cards cannot be further emphasized. To put it simply, these are incredibly strong hands that begin with that can give you a head start. However, do not be radical with your approach. Take calculated chances because they can be beaten.

Ace King, Queen, and Jack

After pocket Kings and Aces, the Ace-King, Ace-Queen, and Ace-Jack combination is regarded to be second-best. Holding an Ace-King combo can definitely seal the deal in winning you the pot. The Ace-Jack and Ace-Queen cards follow thereafter. If you hold these cards from the same suit, it is all the better. You can afford to play aggressively and expect to win the game.

With all that put into perspective, it is important for you to know as a player that poker hand rankings are only a position of advantage or lack thereof. They aren’t game deciders. If you are skilled and experienced enough, you can turn the tide even holding a high card, depending on how you use it. With that knowledge imparted, why not put it to the test? Download and register the official Spartan Poker app using which you can play your favourite poker variations from wherever you want.