While we are spending most of our time working from home and restricted from stepping out, gaming has become a form of recreation for many of us. While playing games can be fun, develop teamwork and form new skills it’s not free of risks that need to be avoided for a pleasant gaming experience.

We need to be responsible while we deep dive into the world of gaming. The concept of responsible gaming holds importance now because most of us are resorting to online games for entertainment since we can’t socialize much. In the Indian context, it becomes even more relevant since we have many ways to wager money on. Whatever may be your preference poker games, slot machine or rummy as an online gaming enthusiast you should be responsible for your gaming habits. Gaming should be a casual and fun way for breaking away from your humdrum life, but instead, it often leads to a dark path of addiction for many where the sense of reality is lost.

Speaking specifically of Casino games, whether it's physical casinos or online casinos, casual gaming practices are meant to relax the mind and provide entertainment. However the level of awareness needs to be raised regarding responsible gaming practices. When it comes to playing poker games choosing a reliable poker platform or exercising self-discipline is key for responsible gaming. Here are certain tips that can be kept in mind as a means of responsible gaming.

Keep track of the amount of time you spend while playing games, including poker, rummy or any other casino games. A specific duration of time will not only make you enjoy the gaming experience but also limit you from indulging in anything you shouldn’t. 

Bankroll management skill is essential, special for a poker enthusiast who wants to move up in stakes. But this requires discipline and knowing when to stop especially when you are new to poker.

Choose games with the lowest stakes initially when you are new to the format of poker games. Abstain from moving between different types of games. Learn to specialise in one particular format of the game.

Have a disciplined strategy and play within your bankroll. It’s easy to go for higher stakes when things are going well in a game or going badly. But undue risks will only mean you lose everything you had started playing with making you even more desperate for winning a higher stake.

Having a proper License for an online casino is important. Online casinos with a valid license are required to educate and emphasise on responsible gaming practices. This includes information on identifying gaming addictions, and how to deal with it.

Lastly, whether you want to indulge in poker, or other casino games remember it requires skill and strategy. Don’t approach the games just as a way of making quick money.

All in all, safe gaming ways need to be implemented to prevent addiction. Gaming should enhance your experience and skills and not impose financial and psychological risks.