Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI: Battle Ground Mobile India

With the introduction of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in beta in June 2021, South Korean game developer Krafton relaunched the now-banned PUBG Mobile title in India. The game is now available for Android users. While Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available for download and installation on Android devices, no information about iOS or emulator support has been released. With that stated, here are the methods to install and play Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on your PC or laptop for keen desktop players.

BGMI: Battle Ground Mobile India History

Battlegrounds Mobile India is based on the popular PUBG Mobile game. It's a localized version of the internationally popular battle royale game. The goal of its founding was to fulfill the Indian government's former objectives for its operations in the country.

In September 2020, the center imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile, alleging its ties to Chinese tech giant Tencent. Despite Krafton's breakup with Tencent, its violent nature has been claimed as a reason for the game's ban to continue in place throughout the months. All of these issues are addressed in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

As a result, Battlegrounds Mobile India is an entirely Indian-only game. It will operate in the country's exclusive environment and will not support cross-platform capabilities with PUBG Game.

As a result, Battlegrounds Mobile India players will not be allowed to play with PUBG Mobile players.

BGMI: Data Transfer

PUBG Mobile was hugely popular in India, with many players putting a lot of money into it. For many, the worth of skins and other cosmetic things, as well as UC and other items, was in the thousands of dollars, therefore one of the most pressing questions was "Will gamers get their previous accounts back?" The solution is now pretty obvious, as Krafton has added a data transfer facility that ports all of the data from old accounts to the Battlegrounds Mobile India database.

Character information, inventory, and other information tied to each in-game ID are mostly transferred, although there are a few exceptions. Although the data transfer is unevenly distributed, the developers have supplied detailed information on what is shared and what is not.

Players can reclaim their prior accounts in Battlegrounds Mobile India by using their Facebook or Twitter IDs that were previously linked to PUBG Mobile. They must first create a new account and then accept the data migration request, which will allow all of the transfers to take place.

How to Avoid Account Ban in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

  1. Don’t Modify the Game Files: Players will have a lot of difficulties if they modify game files. GFX tools, no-grass, and smooth graphics are examples of external file modifications that will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Engaging in Discriminatory Acts: If players engage in discriminatory behavior in the game, such as racial or sexual harassment, they may be permanently banned without warning.
  3. Exploiting In-Game Vulnerabilities: If players try to gain an unfair edge in the game by exploiting defects and glitches, they will be permanently banned if other players report the suspected player's ID. Avoid taking such measures.
  4. Stalking: Stalking is a serious offense in any form, and the same restrictions apply in gaming. As a result, if a user is caught stalking other players in Battlegrounds Mobile India, they will be punished.
  5. Don’t Team-Kill/Team-Up: If players repeatedly kill their own teammates, they may be subject to a temporary or permanent suspension. Collaboration with other players is also a major concern. As a result, if a player is detected many times collaborating with other players to get an unfair advantage, they will be permanently banned without warning.
  6. Illegal Subscription: Any player who tries to circumvent the game's payment system and obtain subscriptions in an unauthorized manner will receive a permanent ban.

List of Other Actions that Can Get You Banned:

  • Unauthorized programs or hardware devices are used, developed, advertised, traded, or distributed.
  • Look into the use of unauthorized software or hardware.
  • Changes to the game client, servers, and data (packet, etc.)
  • Use of words that isn't acceptable (e.g. profanity or other offensive languages).
  • Nicknames and Clan Names That Aren't Appropriate.
  • Interference with the Gameplay.
  • Stalking.
  • Publishing.
  • Abuse of Personal Information (e.g. manipulating match results, etc).
  • Account Usage by Another User.
  • Account Usage Restriction (for protecting the Account).
  • Use of AFK in an Abusive Manner (Away From Keyboard or idling).
  • Business Operations are being disrupted (e.g. spread false information, abuse customer service platform, impersonate oneself as an employee, create and spread rumors or conduct any other acts).
  • Awkward Gameplay.
  • Advertisement that isn't appropriate (e.g. commercial without authorization, abusive, etc.).
  • Inappropriate Profile Photo Use (inappropriate words or images in the profile photo, use of another person's photo, etc.).
  • Payment and Subscription Abuse in an Open Market Store Procedures and Policies.
  • Accounts for Buying and Selling

How to Download BGMI?

Not sure, how to download BGMI? Well, it's a simple procedure. It will work just like any other app you have on your phone. Simply access the Google Play Store and fill out the pre-registration form. The Play Store will immediately begin the installation of the BGMI download Game once it is released.

BGMI is India's most popular multiplayer battle royale game, in which 100 random players assemble on a map and compete to be the last one standing. You may learn everything about Battlegrounds Mobile India and download the BGMI v1.6 APK on this page. To save time downloading inside the app, you should also grab battlefield mobile India download Data (.obb) files.

Installing any APK File on Your Android Phone is Easy, Just follow the Steps Given Below:-

Step 1: Download the Original Battlegrounds Mobile India APK to your Android device.

Step 2: Navigate to your Android settings and open “Security Settings”.

Step 3: Enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the security settings.

Step 4: Now, go to your Downloads or File Manager and find the BGMI APK you downloaded and select "Install."

Step 5: Once the Installation is completed, you can click on the “Open” button to run the BGMI India game.

What is BGMI?

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) app is already available on Google Play. This popular mobile game has been downloaded over 30 million times in India. We're still waiting for word on the BGMI Lite release date, which has been delayed for quite some time. The BGMI game is still in its early stages of development.

People with high-end smartphones are currently enjoying BGMI, but it is not a smooth experience for those with low-cost phones. That is why a large number of players have been anticipating the BGMI Lite release date, which has yet to be determined.

Is BGMI safe for Indian users?

"Your personal information will be kept and processed on servers located in India and Singapore," according to Battlegrounds Mobile India's privacy policy. However, in order to operate the game service and/or meet legal obligations, we may transfer your data to other countries and/or regions."

This is concerning because PUBG Mobile, BGMI's previous incarnation, was banned in India along with 117 other Chinese apps owing to an "increasing the threat to national security. In the case that your information is transferred to another nation or area, the company will make efforts to ensure that your information enjoys the same level of protection as if it stayed in India," according to Krafton.

What Do We Know About BGMI Lite?

Links to obtain BGMI Lite APK from the internet are spam and should be avoided. So far, no apk for this game has been available.

According to certain rumors, Krafton is working on BGMI Lite (Source). However, the official developer business has provided no reliable information on the subject.

First, Krafton will release an Alpha version of BGMI Lite that will not be available to the general public. To detect and fix the flaws, it will be shared with the company's team and testing partners. Then, for a large number of people, a BGMI Lite Beta Version will be made publicly available.

BGMI Mobile Rules & Strategies

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the newly released Indian version of the wildly famous PUBG Mobile game. The basic gameplay is unchanged from its predecessor and many PUBG Mobile pro gamers who had been waiting for the game to release jumped immediately in. A few simple recommendations may help you get started whether you're new to the game, attempting to figure it out, or simply haven't played many mobile-based battle royale games.

  1. Take Your Time to Understand the Map: In BGMI, we frequently undervalue the importance of being alert and accurate in our movement across the map. Even if you've looked at the map, chances are you haven't given much thought to how you can maneuver and which areas are likely to be high-conflict hotspots. According to Kratos and Kr, learning the map is the simplest and fastest way to improve your game. So take your time memorizing the map and putting what you've learned into practice.
  2. Practice With Your Guns: The next step is to figure out what sensitivity level is optimal for your pistol. Rather than forcing the gun to fit your gameplay style, learn how to work around the pistol's restrictions to make the best use of it. Learning how to use the gun's sensitivity settings can make a big difference in how your game goes and what you get out of it. So, to learn how to use different guns, practice with them.
  3. Improve Crosshair Placement: Learning to enhance your crosshair placement is difficult yet necessary. In the game, there is a direct cause-and-effect link between perfecting your crosshair location and getting more headshots. Of course, as a result, you accrue more triumphs.
  4. Assign Roles to Teammates: Learn to discern how a team operates once you've gotten the feel of the game as a lone player. The ultimate goal is to win the chicken feast, and the only way to do so is to play as a team with defined strategies and a clear emphasis on how to execute them. One of the first stages in achieving this goal is to discover your colleagues' skills and weaknesses, and then allow each team member to be resourceful in their own area of the game.
  5. Use Smart Moves: The game requires a great deal of movement. The manner in which you move is also largely dependent on the situation. If you're in a gunfight, try crouching and uncrouching to make it harder for your adversary to target you.
  6. Drop Shots: To make yourself a tough target, employ well-timed drop shots (going prone while shooting in a close encounter).

Difference Between BGMI & PUBG


PUBG Mobile India

When players are shot, the game will have them shed leaves instead of blood.

When a player is shot in PUBG India, red blood spurts out, providing an extremely graphic impression of violence.


The word "kill" has been replaced with "finish," and a "finished" counter has been added to the top of the screen to show how many foes you've taken out.

PUBG India displays the number of players you have ‘eliminated’

Sends players regular warnings to ensure that they don't play for too long and that they take pauses in between.

Does not contain in-built screen time regulation features.

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PUBG Mobile India FAQs

Q.1) Is battleground mobile India available?

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is now available for all Android users in the country, few days after the early access version of the game was launched for beta testers.

Q.2) Is battleground mobile India is PUBG?

The Battleground mobile Indian game is the Indian watered-down version of the global phenomenon PUBG.

Q.3) Where can I download battleground mobile India?

The Battleground mobile india game is available on the play store for Android users. Players can also download the APK from bluestacks and play it on their PC.

Q.4) Is battleground mobile India Chinese?

BGMI, specifically crafted for India, is both created and published in the country by Krafton- a South Korean gaming company.

Q.5) Will battleground India be different from PUBG?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an entirely new game developed for Indian players. Here is how the two games are different:

  • The forthcoming game seeks to introduce PUBG Mobile to India in a completely different form. Players are aware that UC is the in-game currency in PUBG Mobile.
  • In Battlegrounds Mobile India, a new in-game currency will be introduced that will be distinct from UCs.
  • There is a lot of confusion about Battlegrounds Mobile India's Royal Pass. As previously stated, each games will have two distinct seasons. The developers, on the other hand, have not addressed the Royal Pass issue.
  • PUBG Mobile has servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and other locations. Due to the fact that Battlegrounds Mobile India is only available in India, only one server is expected. Because the server is only open to Indian players, the ping will be lower.