The implications of playing a game involving luck prevent people from exploring the opportunity. Nevertheless, you should delve into these options if you are a thrill-seeker.

The element of luck and unpredictability of a win or loss in a game like Andar Bahar makes it all the more exciting. Andar Bahar is a game of luck that was invented in Karnataka.

With time and technological advancement, it is available online today and can be played for cash rewards. When you have an hour or two to spare, learning the Andar Bahar tricks and competing against gamers online can be fun and help you make a bit of cash, too.

History of Andar Bahar Card Game

Andar Bahar game uses a standard deck of cards, and luck plays a huge part in the game compared to skill. The game has a dealer and you can play with them as a single player or have other players join you at the table to compete alongside you.

The rules also require players to place wagers, with the option to bet on one of the two piles on the table labelled “Andar” and “Bahar”. The game’s table has allocated spots for every player to place their bets on.

There are different payouts, meaning you can win a large sum than your competitors with better luck. The directions for you to follow are straightforward and you can improve your chances of winning by learning a few tricks.

Before the betting begins, the dealer shuffles the deck, cuts it in half, and reveals one card as the 'Joker.' 'Andar' and 'Bahar' are the names of the two betting sides. To win the bet, you must correctly predict which side the 'Joker' card will appear on.

Instructions to Play Andar Bahar – The Tash Game

The dealer in the game is responsible for shuffling the deck of cards and gradually unveiling them, to name a few. Once they shuffle the deck, they cut it in half and set one card face up at the centre of the table. It is the Joker or the trump card, also called the house card.

As one of the players, you will have to place the ‘first bet’, which can be either on the Andar section on the table or the Bahar section. The dealer will then reveal two cards placing one on Bahar and another on Andar.

If one of these cards matches the Joker, the players to have bet on that particular pile receive their payouts. If, none of the cards match the Joker, the dealer will call for a ‘second bet’.

The second bet is optional. Once the players have placed their second bet, the dealer will continue to reveal one card at a time till a card matches the trump. The game ends when the value of one card is the same as the house card.

If you placed your bet on Andar and the card was revealed on that pile, you win; conversely, if the card showed up on Bahar, you lose Andar Bahar – the tash game.

Rules of Andar Bahar Game Online

Before you play Andar Bahar game online or in person, comprehend that the odds of winning here are 50-50. Luck goes into the game more than skills, so, you should gracefully accept whatever the outcome is.

Below are the guidelines that you must take into account while playing this card game –

  • This game can be played by a minimum of two or more players, where one individual acts as the dealer. Though the game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, there is no requirement to learning hand combinations

  • The dealer performs the basic tasks, including shuffling of the cards, cutting the deck in half, which is an integral part of the game, revealing the trump card, etc.

  • You, as the player, must place bets on either of the piles labelled Andar and Bahar. If you manage to land the card of the similar value as the Joker card, you win

How to Play Andar Bahar Online?

Here are the steps to guide you on how to play the Andar Bahar card game.

  • The dealer deals one face-up card to each player and places it in the center of the table in front of them.
  • Game card is the face-up card that determines how and when the round is played.
  • Player now has the opportunity to place his wager.
  • Goal is to determine whether the following card with the same value will appear on the andar side or bahar side.
  • The dealer then deals one card at a time on either side of the table until the game card's value is reached.
  • If the player bets on andar and the same-valued card are dealt on andar, he wins; if the same-valued card is dealt on the bahar side, he loses.

How to Place a Bet in Andar Bahar Card Game?

  • Choose an Andar Bahar card game table.
  • Place your bet on either the left (Andar) or the right (Bahar) side of the card table.
  • The dealer will then deal with the cards one by one.
  • After the first card is dealt, you can choose to bet on which side the next card will be placed (Andar or Bahar).
  • If you are correct, you will win your bet. If you are incorrect, you will lose your bet.
  • Play continues until all the cards have been dealt. The side with the most cards wins the game.

Types of Bets and Payouts in Andar Bahar Game?

There are two types of bets – first bet and second bet

First Bet :

The first bet is wagered after the dealer reveals the trump card. After the best are placed, the dealer will unveil one card at a time from the closed pile, placing the first card on Bahar and the second card on Andar. If either of the cards matches the value of the trump card, the round ends, and the winner receives a payout

Second Bet :

Placing the second bet is optional and it comes into action when the first both cards revealed initially by the dealer do not match the trump card. Again, players can wager on either the Andar pile or the Bahar pile. After placing the bets, the dealer will reveal one card at a time and place them sequentially on Bahar and Andar until one of the cards matches the trump

The payouts in Andar Bahar game depend on the stage at which the card from the dealer’s end matches the trump card. Since the dealer places the first card on Bahar, the winner receives 25% of the stake as payout if the card is the same as the Joker card.

If the first card placed on Andar is equivalent to the trump card, all bets for that player get paid off at even money.

As stated before, if none of the first cards on Bahar and Andar matches the trump, the dealer calls for the second bet. If the first card on the second Bahar bet is the same as the trump card, the winner gets paid 25% of the initial wager and 100% of the first bets on Bahar.

Now, the payouts highlighted above are in relevance to the standard gaming rules. However, you also have a chance to earn payouts as high as 120:1. Want to know how? You can do so by participating in side bets.

The three side bets in Andar Bahar – the tash game include –

  • Betting the range of cards between the trump card drawn and the matching card

  • You can also place a trump card prediction wager. The options here include predicting whether the trump will be a black or a red card, whether it will be a card between 9 to Ace or 2 t0 7 or 8, and finally, whether it will belong to a particular suit, etc.

  • Placing a mid-game wager is the third side bet. Here, you place a mid-game wager once the dealer deals the first Bahar and Andar cards

Terminologies Used in Andar Bahar


It means ‘inside’. As far as the game goes, Andar refers to the designated section along the top of the table; it is also the farthest area from where the player sits at the table

Bahar: Bahar means ‘outside’, and on the table, it refers to the part closest to the players


Joker or the trump card refers to the card that is revealed at the beginning of the game by the dealer. The objective of the game is to find a matching card while the dealer reveals cards in the deck one at a time

Side bet: Side bets are not an integral part of Andar Bahar game, but played to earn additional payouts

Maang Patta: Maang Patta is another name for Andar Bahar

Katti: Andar Bahar is also referred to as ‘Katti’

Banker: The person who deals the cards and manages the game.

Player: The person who plays the game. 

Cut: The process of randomly choosing a card to determine the order of play. 

Shuffle: The process of mixing up the deck of cards before dealing. 

Draw: The process of taking a card from the deck. 

Stake: The amount of money or chips that a player has to put up to play the game. 

Bet: The amount of money or chips that a player has to put up to place a wager on the game.

Range: The number of cards that are dealt before the joker card appears.

Push: A result of a tie in which no money is won or lost.

Variations of Andar Bahar Game Online

Classic single player: In this variation, you are the lone player playing with a dealer. The basic rules remain the same

Live dealer: While playing this variation, you have live dealers as well as many players at the table, who compete against you

Getting Started with Andar Bahar Game

Before starting with Andar Bahar, you must decide whether to play it online or offline. In the latter case, you will require one dealer to accompany you. You can even take turns and swap roles playing as the dealer and the player.

Additionally, you can bring together a group of people and compete against one another with one of them taking up the role of the dealer. Conversely, you can play the card game online, which is the preferred choice of the two.

Since a number of portals over the Internet host this game, it becomes imperative to choose a trustworthy source. Here, you will get assistance from live, experienced dealers to cater to your gaming requirements.

The dealer pulls out a standard deck of 52 cards, which they cut in half. Then, one of the cards is placed face up, which is the trump card, also referred to as the Joker or the game card. As one of the players, your job is to place wagers on either Andar or Bahar pile.

Since the dealer flips open one card at a time alternatively placing it on Bahar and Andar, you must guess on which pile the card matching to the Joker card will land.

You receive a certain amount as a payout if your guess is accurate. If one of the other players gets it right, you lose and they get the payout.

Strategies to Become a Prolific Player at Andar Bahar Game

Losses while playing games never bring any positive feeling, but you can surely alter your strategy to turn the tide in your favour.

There are several approaches, as displayed below, which you can incorporate in your gameplay and see the difference in the outcome –

The martingale approach:

By using the martingale approach, you double up on the bets you know you will lose and halve the bets you know you will win. This will ascertain that you do not lose more than the bets that you put in the game

Know when to stop:

If you are on a hot streak and have won consecutive games, you might be tempted to raise the bar. However, greed pays dearly in games such as Andar Bahar online since it is more a game of luck than skill. There is no shame in leaving the table at the highest point

Why Andar Bahar Card Game is Popular in India?

t has been hundreds of years since the invention of Andar Bahar game, and to this day it is a popular card game in India. Its popularity has resulted in the game being made available online, too. Its straightforward rules are one reason why the game is well-liked in the country.

Below are a few other reasons as to why it is widely admired –

Passed on to generations:

Having existed in India for decades, Andar Bahar has been passed on by parents to their next generations. It is a common game in Indian households and it serves as a great bonding activity for family members

Fun element:

Learning Andar Bahar is no rocket science, as its rules are simple and easy to execute. Moreover, the unpredictability factor makes this game more fun to play for people of all ages

Low house edge:

As opposed to several other card games, Andar Bahar online game has a low house edge, meaning your chances of winning are higher, which prevents you from losing a lot of money. Nevertheless, you must place good bets consistently to reap the benefits

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Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Andar Bahar Online Player

By now, you must have realised that Andar Bahar online game has more to do with luck than skills. Despite that, there are several ways in which you can become better.

Read through the guidelines below to know more –

Become familiar with rules:

Before you start competing in money rooms, familiarise yourself with the rules of Andar Bahar. Knowing the ins and outs will help you to make informed decisions while competing against other players

Ensure budget constraints:

Whether winning in the game or losing, it can be tempting to spend more money in the hopes of winning extra. In the latter scenario, especially, it is best advised that you be cautious about your spending

Integrate martingale strategy: Martingale strategy is the perfect way to go when losing. That way, you will not go under quickly despite failing in multiple rounds

Wait to raise your budget:

This may happen if you are on a hot win streak. Instead, revert to your initial wager amount, as it will keep you well within your spending budget

Which is Better – Playing Andar Bahar on Mobile or Desktop?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both playing Andar Bahar on mobile as well as on desktop. 

In order to play this card game on a mobile device, you are required to download an apk file, install it, and then register. It takes up storage space plus results in data consumption. Desktop gaming only requires you to visit the preferred gaming page and register/login. There is no prerequisite to download any additional software

With mobile gaming, you can access Andar Bahar game online at any time and from anywhere. Though, with desktop, you can play the game at any time, you cannot take it everywhere. In regards to movability, mobile gaming has the edge

Desktop gaming gives you access to high quality graphics and better visuals as compared to mobile gaming. Mobile devices have smaller screen, so, despite enhanced graphics, you may not enjoy the experience while playing for extended durations

Mobile gaming does not require extra tools – no mouse, no joystick, no external disks. However, they are often an obligation when it comes to desktop games

Despite having its set of disadvantages, a mobile device is the preferred medium for many people today. It all comes down to convenience. Moreover, with people leading busy lives and always being on the move, mobile phones offer great comfort.

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Offline Andar Bahar vs Online Andar Bahar – Which is Best?

The days when offline gaming dominated the industry is way past. These games, too, have found space in the online gaming platform, with people playing them in real-time and reliving their glory days.

There are numerous benefits to playing Andar Bahar online, as you not only play it in real-time, but you can participate for actual cash rewards, which is not possible with its offline counterpart. Additionally, you have different variations of this card game that you can play.

The developers constantly come up with minute additions or changes to the original game making it more interesting to play. This way, you are allowed to more than just one form of gameplay.

With offline gaming, you just have to stick with one developer, but while playing online, you can find innumerable sources at your disposal. You can try out free game and decide whether or not a particular one suits your gaming style.

You also have a myriad of paid rooms to play Andar Bahar. Make sure you do not miss any updates on the competitions and tournaments, as the rewards offered here are much better.

Is Andar Bahar Legal in India?

Andar Bahar is a card game with its roots in India, but you may be faced with indecision if you are not fully aware of its legality. You should know about India’s Public Gambling Act of 1867, which states that all games of chance qualify as gambling, thus deeming them illegal.

Unfortunately, Andar Bahar is a game of chance and operating land casinos with this game is prohibited in India.

However, if you do love this card game, there is an alternative. You can play Andar Bahar online. There are no punishments as such for frequenting the online portals, and you can visit them at any time and play for any amount of duration you deem fit.

You can find a large assortment of online casinos hosting this card game. Andar Bahar game online has live dealers to assist you in any shape or form, and there are actual members against whom you can compete.

So, there it is. Though operating live casinos with this game is deemed unlawful, you can legally participate in online gaming.

How Different are Andar Bahar and Poker?

Andar Bahar game and Poker are vastly different. Below highlighted are some of the dissimilarities –

  • Like many card games, Poker is a game of skill, and can benefit a great deal if you are good at maths, whereas Andar Bahar is a game based on luck

  • Poker has numerous variations such as Omaha PokerTexas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, High Low Chicago, to name a few. Andar Bahar, on the other hand, has much fewer variants

  • Being a strategy-based game, you can win consecutive Poker hands by following a winning strategy. Andar Bahar is a game of luck and can cost you a lot of money if luck is not on your side

Poker Vs Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Card Game

Poker Card Games

Andar Bahar is a game that is purely based on luck. Poker is a skill-based game.
The chances of winning Andar bahar depend on your luck. The chances of winning in playing poker depend on your skill level.
You can win andar bahar only based on luck. You can win poker games with mathematics and sharp mental skills.
You cannot win andar bahar games all the time because it is a luck-based game. You will lose the money if luck is not in your favour. You can win poker online games consistently with the right poker strategy.

Play Online Poker & Earn Real Money Daily

Poker games allow players to win real money daily. This is because, with the right set of skills, you can win games consistently. You would not have to depend on luck to win a poker game. Poker game has become a popular choice for millennials because you do not have to depend on luck to play poker.

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