An Insight about the Paplu Card Game

Rummy Game is a popular card game in India, getting its own local variant over time. Also known as Indian Rummy, Marriage, or Paplu, this card game is considered a suitable pastime activity.

Oftentimes, it is played for money. Families and friends can come together and play the game; you may have even seen people playing it inside public transport. Paplu tash game requires 2 to 5 players and three decks of cards with wild card Joker playing an active role.

Some other terminologies that you may hear include Upplu, Jhaplu, Taplu, Paplu . Though these words might be fun to speak, they represent a set of rules involving wild card Jokers.

The basic rules of the game do not see much difference in regards to traditional Rummy, as you are required to complete sets and sequences here as well.

Nevertheless, the sets ought to contain only 3 cards unlike in classic Rummy where you can make melds using more than 3 cards.

Below, you can read everything about the game including the rules, different card groupings, etc.

Understanding Paplu Game

You may have noted that Indian Rummy also goes by the name ‘Marriage’. The reason behind this is that traditionally, the game was played during wedding ceremonies. To play the card game, all you need are three decks of cards and 2 to 5 players.

So, how do you play Paplu the card game? Well, the fundamental rules are the same as traditional Rummy, except you make only 3-card sets and runs.

In an old-style game, you are allowed to build sets and sequences containing more than 3 cards, but this rule is not allowed in Paplu Rummy.

Remember, in order to make a valid declaration, you must have at least one pure sequence.

What Are Upplu, Paplu, Nichlu, Jhaplu, Taplu?

As mentioned before, the game contains the terms Upplu, Paplu, and Nichlu. There are rules in place regarding this jargon. Before you learn about them, understand that wild card Jokers have a pivotal part to play in this game.

Also, there are different variations of the game wherein you distribute either 13 cards, 21 cards, or even 27 cards between the players.

On to the in-game vocabularies now –


Upplu, otherwise known as Upper Joker, represents the same suit of the wild card Joker, and is its next higher card. For instance, if 6 of Clubs is the wild card Joker, the 7 of Clubs is called Upplu.

In 27-card rummy, the rule bends slightly; if 6 of Clubs is the wild card Joker, then 7 of Clubs as well as 8 of Clubs are Upplu cards


Paplu is a part of the 13 card rummy. Basically, it is the next higher card of the drawn wild card; so, if 3 of Spades is drawn as the wild card, 4 of Spades is Paplu


In a 21-card rummy game, Nichlu is the next lower-value card of the wild card that is drawn. For example, if 8 of Hearts is the wild card Joker, then 7 of Hearts is Nichlu.

In the 27-card rummy, the two next lower cards of the wild card are Nichlu; for example, if 8 of Hearts is the wild card, then 7 and 6 of Hearts are Nichlu

In all variants of Indian Rummy, the first wild card drawn is known as Tiplu.

Paplu Rummy Gameplay

The rules of Paplu Game are uncomplicated making it one of the most preferred Rummy variants to play in India. Here are a few things you should remember in your gameplay –

  • Make sets of only 3 cards
  • With a points system in place, ensure that you are not left with too many cards should you lose a round
  • To build sets and runs, use your Upplu, Paplu, and Nichlu jokers

Now, like classic Rummy, there are certain set formation possibilities in the Paplu card game. These are explained below along with their official names –

Pure sequence:

This is similar to a sequence in any Rummy game wherein three cards are of consecutive value belonging to the same suit, for example, 5H-6H-7H

Impure sequence:

An impure sequence contains at least one wild card Joker card; 2S-3S-Joker


A Tunnel set contains three cards of the same value and the same suit. 7D-7D-7D is an example


A Triplet is a set formed comprising three cards of the same value, but different suits, for instance, 5C-5H-5S

Dirty Triplet:

Dirty Triplet is when two cards of the same value, but different suits are paired with a wild card Joker. For example, 10S-10D-Joker


A Marriage is formed when you create a sequence containing a Paplu, a Nichlu, and a Tiplu

Guideline to Play the Paplu Rummy Card Game

If you have played traditional Rummy lots of times, but are new to Paplu card game then it might take you a while to master this new craft. This is mainly because of the 3-card combination rule.

Nevertheless, if you are up for a challenge, nothing should stop you from accomplishing the in-game objectives.

Before starting, the dealer of the game is decided, who is chosen at random. Once done, they distribute the predefined number of cards, depending on the format being played, between all players.

The remaining cards form the closed deck. Then, all players must arrange their cards forming sets and sequences.

The game begins with the first player to the right of the dealer, who pulls a card from the closed deck. If that card fits their sequencing situation, they can keep it and discard another card setting up an open pile.

If they do not like that card, it must be discarded face up on the table. Each player takes a turn by drawing a card from the closed pile until they build the sets using their cards in hand.

Once a player has accomplished forming their sets and sequences, they should call it and have their cards validated. If everything looks in order, that player wins the round.

All the Rummy formats also carry a points system against the players for the loose cards they hold. In order to prevent having any unwanted cards, make sure that you use your Upplu, Paplu, and Nichlu cards to form pairs. That way, even if you do not manage to win the round, you will be left holding fewer cards.

Paplu Rummy Game Rules

Here are the rules of paplu game that will help you understand the game better and even devise in-game strategies as you deem fit at different stages –

  • At least one pure sequence is needed to make a valid declaration
  • A set cannot contain two cards of the same rank and the same suit with a different third card. A set such as 6H-6H-7C is not accepted
  • A player has the choice of leaving the game if they are unhappy with the dealt cards. This decision, however, must be made before the first card of the round is played
  • If the last card from the closed pile is drawn with no player declaring Rummy, the game ends without any winner

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